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Quality alternative rock led by thrilling guitars makes a great music delicacy indeed. Kent outfit Vivid Nation will double the presence of such music in your life once you dare to hit the play button on one of their tunes. December 2nd sees the release of Vivid Nation’s debut EP ‘Open Your Mind’ – the record that allows listeners to make a proper acquaintance with their music only to develop it into a long, affectionate friendship. The band’s vocalist and guitarist Rhys Taylor tells Rock Britain about their forthcoming EP, inspirations and the importance of having an open mind when it comes to music.

– Your EP ‘Open Your Mind’ is out soon. How was this EP born, what was the starting point for it and what were the main inspirations for it?

– We’d been performing songs as a band for over a year and gained a positive reputation locally for our live performances so we wanted our debut E.P to reflect the energy we have on stage and yet also demonstrate our progression.  We started writing the new tracks for it in mid/late 2012, plus we had 2 older songs we had been performing, but wanted to record on it as well.

A lot of the inspiration for it lyrically was based on observations I had been making on a personal level and of society in general around the time of the writing of the tracks ‘Open Your Mind’, ‘Policy’ and ‘Only Got Yourself To Blame’.

– What were the most memorable moments, the highlights of working at and recording this EP?

– A  big highlight recording this E.P was having the opportunity to work with John Mitchell and Ben Humphreys at Outhouse Studios as they have worked with some big names. It was a great experience for us.

– How does the EP reflect Vivid Nation at your present stage of life as a band?

– We hope the EP reflects well on us with it being our first. We deliberately recorded two older tracks ‘Time to Mend’ and ‘Calling You’ alongside of newer material in order to demonstrate progression. We’ve already got lots of additional material ready for next year, so this debut E.P is just for starters!

– How did the EP evolve, change from demo versions to the final ones? 

– From the raw bones of the tracks to the actual demoing there were definite re-arrangements. However, once the demoing was completed by us as a band there was very little change between that and the actual recordings. We all knew how we wanted the tracks to sound. There was no indecisiveness on our individual parts. We all had a very clear idea of the direction we wanted for each track.

 – How important, do you think, is it to have an open mind when it comes to music?

– Incredibly – I think it helps you musically as a writer and musician. It’s important to keep everything interesting. You can find something inspiring from many different genres.

 – How did Vivid Nation start as a band?

– Luke Welch and I met whilst studying music together when we were 16 years old. That’s where the roots of the band began. In late 2011, James Flury and Jason Dean joined and created this VIVID NATION line-up. We released our first Official single ‘You just gave it away’ in May 2012.

– What events in your band’s life do you consider to be special highlights for Vivid Nation?

– Well, we have had some great support slots for a band that’s still only at the beginning such as for I Am Giant, and Mallory Knox. We’ve had significant airplay with BBC Introducing in Kent for our first single and on the release of ‘Policy’ it was immediately made their Record Of the Week in Oct. 2013.

 – What bands are your main music influences and inspirations?

– As a band we all have different musical influences from Blues – Folk – Rock – POP- Hardcore –Soul – Jazz – Progressive etc.

Biggest influences are Gary Moore, Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman, Noel Gallagher, Muse, Joe Bonamassa, Nirvana.

– If you could play with any band in the world, who would you play with and why?

– Probably Biffy Clyro as it’s the one of those bands that we all enjoy listening to and seeing live. I personally am a massive fan of everything they’ve recorded from early days to their most current release. As a live band they are incredible.

 – What is your earliest music memory?

– Earliest memory to music would be listening to artists like Tracy Chapman in the car to the point that I knew every song, word for word!

Other artists that played a part in my earliest memories were those such as Genesis, The Who, Pink Floyd, and Stevie Wonder.

 – What are your plans for the nearest future?

– The E.P ‘ Open your Mind’ is to be released on  2nd December – we are filming another video for the E.P with Daniel Broadley in mid December and hopefully this will be released in mid-January 2014. In the Spring 2014 we will be recording some new tracks. So we will have a lot more to come from 2014 onwards.

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