Band of the week /// The Vitamins

The Vitamins

Just trying to be the best band.

The Vitamins

Great music can be extremely good for your health and overall mood. It can calm you down and pump you up, inspire and motivate you and tell you a lot of stories. So, if cold, autumn times are bringing you down, then you need The Vitamins – a fantastically talented trio from Bury St. Edmunds – to lift your spirits. The Vitamins play proper loud, dirty, sexy rock ‘n’ roll that will get you seduced in no time at all. Recently the band released their second single ‘El Santo vs. Los Vitaminas’ which is currently making a lot of noise all over the Internet and BBC Introducing waves. Join in the buzz! Rock Britain’s band of the week The Vitamins, are introduced by the band’s own Dick Phillips.

On the band’s formation

Neil and I decided to form a band ‘cos he’s my favourite drummer and we both think the best band of all time is the Jackson 5. Our friend Taylor introduced us to her brother Ollie and we couldn’t not get him involved.

On releasing music on vinyl and cassettes

I know the ‘MP3’s are soulless’ stick has been beaten to death but we’re all collectors and feel more of a connection with things you can hold. Vinyl is obviously the best way to consume music – listen to the record then listen to the download and tell me otherwise.

I got a CD player really late which meant that most of the first things I bought were on cassette, so I have fond memories of them. They’re also a cheaper way of making a physical product and it’s pretty funny to make something so niche.

On ‘El Santo vs. Los Vitaminas’ single launch

We weren’t expecting it to be packed out so it was genuinely touching when it was, plus it was fun to play with our friends Thy Last Drop and the Slingin’ Beets.

Not sure if anything memorable happened – you’re better off asking someone who was in the audience. I went round Mike and Mimi’s from the Slingin’ Beets afterwards and saw some memorably awful kick-abouts in the garden, though.

On stories behind the songs

All the songs are in some way fictional and the moments that are influenced by things that have happened to me are fairly unusual but not entertaining. I suppose that ‘El Santo,’ which was my attempt at writing something that could both be said in the ring by a professional wrestler and sung by a rock band, is fairly unusual.

On the most important thing while making music

It’s got to feel good. A few great songs have gone by the wayside because we couldn’t let the shoulders relax and get into some kind of groove. The best songs come from the crotch, then the heart and the head come later.

On stirring emotions with music

It’s up to you how you feel – one person’s happy song is another person’s heartbreak song. When you start writing with an audience’s emotion in mind you lose the purity in what you’re doing. As long as people are having a good time.

On music heroes 

The Stooges & the Monks & the Sonics taught us rawness & simplicity. The Meters & Otis Redding & a youth of going to reggae nights taught us how to lay-back and feel a beat. Mark Smith & Jonathan Richman & David Byrne taught me that anything’s valid as a subject or lyric.

On The Vitamins’ evolution

We’ve got better. We’ve learned how best utilise and flesh out  a minimal guitar/bass/drums set-up without using backing tracks or an extra guitarist hidden behind a curtain. More recently, all our new songs are about sex.

On the band’s biggest dream

All our teeth fall out. We walk onstage and realise we’re not wearing any clothes and it’s actually an exam. I beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

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