Feature /// Glass Caves ‘Summer Lover’ [EP] 2013


Leeds outfit Glass Caves are no doubt one of the most exciting up-and-coming bands on the UK scene. Hailing from the North of England, which gave the world Arctic Monkeys among the many, Glass Caves are continuing to establish this area of the UK as the well of talents.

Glass Caves’ have never done music things in an ordinary way. They started making name for themselves by busking on the streets of Yorkshire towns and managed to build quite a big following by doing so. While originally Glass Caves’ idea was to earn some money for recording their songs, the creative band got much more out of this simple thing: they not only had a great chance to connect with people by means of music, but also on a personal level. By making busking a big part of their band’s life, Glass Caves also highlighted their individuality: there are not so many bands nowadays who build their following and get more polished as a live band playing on the streets.

Glass Caves’ debut self-titled EP was released at the beginning of 2013 and, with good and solid basis laid by playing live a lot, the record pushed the collective right into the loving embrace of eager music fans. In the follow-up to the release, Glass Caves appeared at several festivals including the mighty Reading & Leeds and played quite a few packed headline shows.

Right at the beginning of December 2013, Glass Caves are making an early Christmas present for their fans and are releasing their sophomore EP ‘Summer Lover’. Elevating and with a hint of spacious transparency, the rhythms are lively, dynamic and appealing. Title track ‘Summer Lover’ has a breezy, summery feel about it, while ‘Throw Down The Pistol’ is more edgy and sharper. ‘This Road’ carries its air of freedom with dignity and ‘Safety Man’ takes a softer route with several explosions along the way.

‘Summer Lover’ EP is a catchy and brisk affair with the four songs vividly displaying the versatile character of the record and thus Glass Caves themselves. The sound the band present on the EP is fresh and refreshing to hear on the music scene of today. It’s crisp and clearly crafted with elegant shapes and turns, upbeat rhythms and a distinct British stamp of the Glass Caves’ personality on it. As it’s the case with the collective, they put all their passion and soul into creating music they love, so it’s only natural that this genuine feeling shows in their songs and makes it a very pleasant listen to say the least.

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