Concert stories /// Miles Kane @ Glavclub /// Moscow ///23.11.2013


What is a real rock ‘n’ roll star like? Very self-confident, but not arrogant and necessarily friendly and artistic. At a live show a real rock ‘n’ roller will be cracking jokes in between songs, giving a total on-fire performance and charging everyone with his relentless energy. Sounds a lot like Miles Kane, doesn’t it? Moscow had a chance to experience Mr Kane in action on 23rd November at Glavclub.

Having turned up on the stage just like a real gentleman at 9 pm sharp, Miles didn’t put off winding the audience up to the hottest point with the opener ‘You’re Gonna Get It’. The lead was taken up by ‘Rearrange’ and ‘Taking Over’ which kept the ball well rolling, alive and kicking. The first lyrical pause for breath came in with beautiful, gorgeous ‘Take The Night From Me’ and ‘My Fantasy’ only to explode with in-your-face ‘Tonight’ and ‘Inhaler’. The setlist was equally balanced between Miles’s two albums and presented a great combination of everything we love about this gentleman: his lyricism and romanticism paired with assertiveness and boldness.

The thing that strikes immediately at any Kane’s show is how artistic Miles is. A real artist through and Miles-Kane-promothrough, this man puts on a whole show just by playing his guitar alone. He turned each guitar solo into a little theatrical performance of its own which was emotional and captivating. It wasn’t only the solos which sounded massive, but especially the way Miles was totally losing himself in music and wearing his heart on his sleeve. To say it was hypnotising beyond comparison will not probably do this spectacle enough justice.

Another side of Miles’s charismatic personality shone in how swiftly he switched moods between the songs. Versatile tracks comprising the setlist meant different Miles each time. A lyrical romantic performing ‘Colour Of The Trap’ on his acoustic guitar, an absolute daredevil going bonkers to ‘What Condition Am I In?’ and ‘Better Than That’ or a storyteller sharing the wisdom of ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’, Miles kept it exciting and unpredictable all the time.

The energy pouring from the stage swept over everyone present and charged them to the max. Passionate and absolutely in love with what he does, Miles got the audience on fire too. Singing along to every word turned into a dialogue between the singer and his listeners and formed a mutual secret kept by the both parties: it was the connection, the unity which was hard to underestimate.

Needless to say, Miles knows how to make the contact with the audience up close and personal. Taking a phone from somebody in the crowd and doing the whole photoshoot of himself and his musicians before returning the device to the owner, putting on an FC Liverpool scarf thrown from the audience or shaking hands with the whole of the front row after the show made this gig much more than your usual concert.

Genuinely talented and passionate, Miles puts a smile on your lips and fire in your heart with both – his music and his electrified live shows. If you opt to spend your time at one of his concerts, it’ll be a top night. Guaranteed!

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