Track by track /// Feeds ‘Mind, Soul And Me’ [EP] 2013


Leeds-based Feeds are not your ordinary pop outfit. Their version of pop music is sharpened by progressive motives and spiced up by alternative tints. December 5th 2013 sees the band release their third EP ‘Mind, Soul & Me’ – the record ethereal, catchy and absolutely irresistible. Frazer Merrick, who is in charge of vocals and acoustic guitar in Feeds, gives a detailed track by track guide through ‘Mind, Soul & Me’.

Beware Believe

This was the first song we wrote for this CD, and it’s definitely the sound we want to continue on the road down. It’s a big pop song but with a 7 time breakdown at the end, it helps me to get the math rock out my system. The lyrics for this song are all about trying to remember a dream, but the more you try and find the memory when you wake…the further it slips away from you.

Shallow Eyes

This song found its beginnings at the piano, inspired by piano-rock album ‘Everything Starts Where It Ends’ by American band Lovedrug. The piano really sets the tone for this song, the tempo/riff/groove should be perfect to strut down the street to.

Devil & A Crowd

Not long after moving to Leeds, I bought some guitar pedals with vouchers we won in a BOTB competition. The Dr.Tone delay that sits on my board is key to this song, it gives you that ‘All My Life’ by Foo Fighters sort of vibe, but with a more ethereal edge. This comes from my EHX Freeze pedal, and the fact that we finally convinced Dave into bringing a laptop/midi setup on stage!

Into Over

When recording this song with our producer, James Mottershead, we had an unbelievably great time making that riff in the second verse as stupendously big as possible. There’s something like 6 different guitars, a bunch of synths and a Wurlitzer keyboard…and then Prowse growling over the top. Here the lyrics are about when a smell triggers a memory, particularly an ex-partner, and how that makes you feel. How it can bring memories and emotions flooding back.

Don’t Be Scared

When Prowse initially brought this idea to the table, we really struggled to find a groove…a direction to go with it. When Creamer found the half-time shuffle, it all fell into place from there. The lyrics are all about altruism, giving for the sake of it. It’s a deep song, with a really beautiful message.

Blessing & A Curse

Many, many years ago we wrote a song called ‘Should I’…whilst we loved parts of it, others sucked like a vacuum cleaner on acid. Creamer was insistent that we have another go at writing it, he just loved the chorus too much. To be honest, I’m glad he nagged me! We really went to town on this song in the studio, with well over 120 tracks…which is why it sounds so outrageously huge. We also had the string parts from the original university recording, so we popped those in for that epic Metallica-S&M vibe in the riff at the end.

Draw The Air

I have vivid memories of writing the lyrics for this song. Having not long graduated, I was contemplating life whilst hidden away in a back room cupboard at my Christmas temp job at Debenhams (rock’n’roll right?!). The night before I’d watched this live session with musical god Patrick Watson, where he said they were in this town “9 hours north of nowhere”…I can’t help but write down expressions when I hear something I love. Anyway, sat in that small room unpacking sale bras and flip-flops from boxes (even though it was November?!) I grabbed some till roll and just went to town on lyrics. It was one of those moments when all the words just seem to fall straight from your head into your hand. I think this song also contains my favourite sound on the record, when recording at Chairworks in Castleford we came across a foot pump organ in the reception area…I just knew it would work perfectly in the first chorus.

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