Band of the week /// The Velveteen Saints

The Velveteen Saints 1

Scottish outfit The Velveteen Saints play rock & roll at its best: with zest, fervour and attitude. They are in this special cohort of bands who preserve the art of real rock & roll alive and kicking: a rare breed of keepers of faith in good, genuine music. The Velveteen Saints’ Tino shares his and the band’s special moments with Rock Britain.

Inspiration for starting the band: A mutual love for rock n’roll and performing for people who love live music.

Best way to get acquainted with the band: I would urge people to take the chance and come to see us. We are at our best live. After that they can make up their own minds.

Proudest moment: Headlining the T-break stage at T in the park.

Main philosophy: Don’t try and please anyone but yourself.

Influence of Scotland: I think people in Scotland have a deep love for music in general. We have a great tradition of playing music through the years and luckily that hasn’t faded.

Rock & Roll: Most bands these days don’t follow the code of rock n’roll, luckily there are still a few left.

Playing with The Charlatans and Tim Burgess: Incredible, so much to learn.

Evolution of live shows: Our first gig was in a small sweaty club in the basement….It was a great show. The evolution of our show is just coming with experience. It’s a steep learning curve that is so rewarding if you get it right.

Small vs big shows: Both are great in their own ways but we tend to prefer the rock n’ roll dive bars.

Life-changing album: Cant really pick one, any record that rocks AND rolls changes my life. 

Earliest music memory: Hearing Elvis Presley sing.

Plans for the future: To play as much as we can. Our first single release is in February and going out under Tim Burgess’ Ogenesis record label. Exciting times.

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