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The Effect

As it’s been long known that Wales is a very special place for music, it’s no surprise the place has given birth to an assertive, energetic alternative/rock/indie outfit The Effect. Hailing from Swansea, The Effect have a spicy punch to their sound which makes their music captivating and infectious. The beginning of the year 2014 is promising to be massive for  the band: the release of their new EP ‘Running With The Wolves’ s set for January with tour plans and more releases to follow later in the year. Rock Britain talked to The Effect about everything that’s been happening in their camp.

– How have you been doing lately and what have you been up to?

– We have had a month off from touring and playing live shows to concentrate on getting ready for our next release in the new year, designing new merch and artwork, working out new set lists and doing lots of press. It’s a welcome change from playing gigs every night.

 – Your new EP ‘Running With The Wolves’ is out in January. What is the story behind this EP? How was it born?

– We started the writing process for the EP in January 2013. The EP really sums up where we are as a band at the moment and shows how we’ve progressed since our first EP ‘Everything Has Gone’. The first lyrics you hear in the EP are ‘The lioness is dead’, giving closure to our last EP ‘Lioness’ and showing the movement into a new direction for The Effect.

 – How is this record different from your previous releases? Where has your music evolution taken you on ‘Running With The Wolves’

Lyrically the EP has a more positive direction than previous releases, focusing on themes such as self-acceptance, alcohol and drug use, religion and learning from terrific highs and the terrible lows of life. Musically this EP is far more diverse that anything we have ever done, embracing all our influences from post rock to hardcore punk to pop.

 – ‘Running With The Wolves’ is your third EP. Why did you opt for releasing EPs rather than a full-length? What, do you think, are the advantages of releasing EPs at the beginning of a band’s way in music over releasing a full-length?

– We think its important to find your feet musically before releasing a full length album and now, after three EP’s we’ve finally reached that place as a band.

 – You teamed up with Romesh Dodangoda for ‘Running With The Wolves’. How has the experience of working with him been for you?

– It was an honor to work with an established name in the music industry like Romesh, it was the first time we had let anybody from outside the band record and produce our music, so a lot of trust was involved, however if we hadn’t of worked with him this EP wouldn’t have turned out as great as it has.

 – You’ve got some live shows, including an EP launch show, scheduled for January. How are you planning to make these shows special?

– To be honest we are going to do what we have always done, play our hearts out like our lives depend on it. We always go by ‘if this was our last ever show, would we be proud of ourselves’ because at the end of the day you never know what is around the corner.

 – Out of all the shows you’ve played in 2013, what was your most favourite one and why?

– Over the past year we’ve played some great shows which we look back and think ‘what a night that was’. Coming home from our June tour and playing our hometown show was one we’ll always remember for the crowd involvement. When you hear and see the crowd jumping around and singing your songs back to you its something that you can’t really put into words.

 – What do you aim at bringing onto the UK scene with your music? What’s your main goal in music?

– I think we bring a breath of fresh air to the scene; we embrace all different sides of our influences into our music. When you watch us live we don’t hide anything and always give 110%.

 – The Effect have been a band since 2009. Looking back, how would you estimate your career up to this moment? What moments of your career do you consider to be the biggest ones?

– Since The Effect started we have grown so much as friends and musicians and being able to go around the country with your best mates and do the thing we love best every night is mind-blowing. When we got the final mixes back for the New EP, we all sat in a room and listened to it together from start to finish and we all knew we had created something special, we will never forget the experiences we had creating this record.

– The year 2014 promises to be quite massive for The Effect. What are your main plans for the upcoming 2014?

– We can’t wait to get our new releases out to the world in 2014 and hit the road again for many tours. We’ve got some big things planned which we can’t announce at the moment but we feel that with every step we take we are getting closer to becoming an establish band with a long bright future ahead.

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