Band of the week /// The Shallows


The Shallows are the band, whose tunes will get you swoon the moment you hear them: crystal clear, catchy indie tunes with a distinct stamp of the band’s personality on the melodies are simply meant to stick. Having already released two EPs ‘About Time Vol.1’ and ‘Same Space Vol.2′, The Shallows are about to release the third part of the EP series, all of which were recorded in Spain. With great sound and big ambitions, this band are definitely one of the hottest acts on the UK scene today. The Shallows’ Tom Skelton presents the band to Rock Britain’s readers.

On the latest news

We’re currently mixing the next EP which has been in the works for quite some time. It’ll be the last lot of recordings to come from our Spain session from early last year. Behind the scenes we also have a lot of new material which we’re slowly bringing into rehearsal and getting the music ready for recording early next year.

On recording their EPs in Spain

The surroundings were insane, beauty everywhere! We were really detached from the rest of the world so we really managed to get into the zone and focus on the music. Being in a studio on the side of a mountain definitely bought some peacefulness to the recording.

On the upcoming third EP

 Yep, the third is certainly nearing completion. The concept is really about evolution, growth, refinement, let whiskey provide the metaphor here.

On the artwork

We’ve been working with an amazing artist called Andy German ( We gave him the music and let him create his own vision for how the music made him feel. The city though, it’s where we are living, where we get inspired, the hustle, the peace, the anonymity, it feels right to be represented by the artwork.

On creative process

Songs are always led with melodies, if the melody isn’t strong enough then we keep going until we’re hooked. We’re really quite quick with getting a song together. The songwriting between myself and Michael Rendall is a form of escapism, we’ve been writing together for years and we only really know each other inside that environment. The studio is a place we go to where we can forget about everything else and just let out what we need to

On hearing their songs on the radio

I can’t really believe it when it happens, it’s just really great to know that our music is making someone react.

On the ideal festival line-up

Stevie Wonder, Bird & The Bee, The Black Keys, The Beatles, Sage Francis, Prince, MJ, Ben Harper, Lady Gaga, Foo Fighters, Blind Melon, The Strokes, Goldmund, Jon Hopkins, Peter & Kerry, Ray LaMontagne, Cage, Charlene Soraia, Bon Iver, The Villagers, The Dark Tides.

On the highlights of 2013

Getting a lot of BBC6 Music airplay was really good, we’ve played some really fun gigs and met a lot of cool people too.

On plans for 2014

At the moment we just want to keep releasing music and finding new people who want to listen to it!

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