Looking back at 2013 /// The Watermelons

The Watermelons 2013 1
How was 2013 for the bands featured on Rock Britain? Let them tell you! Today Sam of The Watermelons shares with Rock Britain readers what rocked their 2013.
Biggest achievement of 2013
I think our best achievements of the year have gone on behind the scenes. This year we’ve written some of our best material which is yet to reach the public ears but we feel like we’ve stepped things up a couple of levels this year, the live shows are better than ever and the material keeps getting better and better.
Highlights of 2013
We’ve had some good times this summer. Played some great festivals, and had a great time venturing up north playing in Cities like Manchester and Leeds that we’ve never been before.  We also met up with Tom Odell who comes from our home town. He was very kind and praised our work which was really nice. Those things always stick.
Most memorable show played in 2013
Notting Hill Arts Club is one of the coolest places we’ve played, that was a lot of fun. It had a natural organic atmosphere about it and the crowd were loving it, so that’s probably top of the list at the moment.
Most memorable show seen in 2013
The 1975 put on a great show recently, that definitely sticks out as the best one we’ve been to in a while. The Kooks were another highlight, finally got to see them and they absolutely killed it.
Favourite album of 2013
That’s tough. ‘The 1975’ is a brilliant début. ‘AM’ by Arctic Monkey is also wicked. The new Everything Everything is brilliant too. That really is something special.
Best music discovery of 2013
oooh uummm I don’t know. ‘Modern Drift’ by Efterklang is a tune I’ve had on recently, liking that a lot. Kodaline are another band I’m glad to see doing well, they’ve got some awesome songs.
Plans for 2014 
We’ll be putting some new tunes out, hopefully a few EPs and just spreading the word. Things are always on the up so we hope to continue at this pace through the new year.

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