Looking back at 2013 /// The Vitamins

The Vitamins

It’s a rock ‘n’ roll day in Rock Britain’s special series of features dedicated to the successful 2013: The Vitamins’ Dick Phillips shares the band’s highlights of the year.

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Biggest achievement of 2013

Having regular practices & talking our way out of a scrape with local toughs. Also, one of us passed their driving test. Guess which one.

Highlights of 2013

Putting out the ‘Keys To The Limousine’ and ‘El Santo’ records. Making the videos was fun, too, which I imagine is quite rare.

Most memorable show played in 2013

We played a house party with free cocktails, an indoor pool & a sauna. That was good.

Most memorable show seen in 2013

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club at the Borderline – they’re the world’s greatest band.

Favourite album of 2013

‘Barnswallow’ by Charlie Parr, ‘Honeys’ by Pissed Jeans or this new Snoop Dogg ‘7 Days Of Funk’ thing.

Best music discovery of 2013

Real Lies.

Plans for 2014

Plans will be mostly based around the World Cup but we’re going to record something early in the year and play a lot more rock shows.

We might also finally have our much-discussed ‘who can make the best pickled onions’ contest.


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