Looking back at 2013 /// The Mirror Trap

The Mirror Trap

The moment I heard The Mirror Trap, I fell in love with their music irreversibly. But hey, give them a listen and tell me if it’s even humanly possible not to fall for them? Gary Moore looks back at The Mirror Trap’s 2013.

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Biggest achievement of 2013

2013 has been a really weird year for us. We started the year as a four piece and morphed into a five piece in May, the transition was pretty smooth and has turned us into a much better band, so I guess that is a decent achievement. Finishing our second album felt good, and we finally have a release date for the record, 24th February 2014. We have been floating around in limbo for a lot of the year, I can’t wait for the new year so we can go on the attack.

Highlights of 2013

A highlight for me was probably our first show as a five piece band. It was the first time I had played without having to worry about playing bass, I was free to do what I wanted to on stage. It could have went very wrong, but thankfully it worked. We had a pretty massive 2012, so this passed year has been pretty frustrating for us, it has been hard work, highlights have been pretty scarce, we are full of energy for the new year.

Most memorable show played in 2013

Our most memorable show was certainly our support slot with Placebo in Leeds. It was an incredible experience. The venue was packed, and the crowd were really up for it. It was the biggest stage we’ve played on, so having the space to move around and dance like a mad man was most appreciated. Though I did get a little too excited and performed strange flying scissor kick jump that resulted in me having two bloody knees.

Most memorable show seen in 2013

A few of us went to see Queens of The Stone Age in November, that was a really good show, in a massive venue. It was a real lesson in how to be a rock n roll band. Though my personal highlight was seeing Foals earlier in the year, they were incredible, so much energy and massive tunes. They played in a big venue, but it still felt pretty intimate, each member of the band left the stage in a total mess, sweaty and torn to pieces, you can’t really ask any more from a band.

Favourite album of 2013

My favorite album this year was ‘Reflektor’ by Arcade Fire. I know it was perhaps a little to strange for some people, and got a few average reviews, but I think it is incredible. They could have made another big album of epic songs with huge “whoooooa oooooooh” choruses and people would have universally loved it, but they chose to mix it up and try new things, and it worked. I also really like the new Surferblood album, and ‘Yezuz’ by Kanye West. QOTSA and Arctic Monkeys also made really good rock records.

Best music discovery of 2013

This year I have discovered a lot of older stuff as opposed to being blown away by any new bands. I bought ‘United By Fate’ by Rival Schools on a whim and totally loved it. I have a soft spot for heavy american rock music, and they do it very well. I’ve also been pretty obsessed with Idlewild all year. They are a band I’ve always enjoyed without getting too deeply into them, but this year I took the plunge and bought all their records, I am now an uber-fan. I’ve been listening to a lot of The The, and Talking Heads recently.

Plans for 2014

2014 needs to be a massive year for us. It will be death or glory. We are releasing our new album in February, and want to play as many shows as possible. We have also been writing a lot recently, so I imagine there will be more than just the one release from us this coming year. I would love to play at a few music festivals this year, and hopefully we can get into mainland Europe for some shows. But at this point in time all is uncertain, I’m scared and excited in equal measure.


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