Looking back at 2013 /// Echotape

Echotape band
Intense, exciting sounds coming from Echotape could hardly leave Rock Britain indifferent in 2013.  But what impressed them this year? Echotape’s drummer Mike tells it all.
Biggest achievement of 2013
I think releasing our debut album ‘Collective’ was a massive achievement. A lot of hard work went into its creation and was amazing to release it.
Highlights of 2013
The time we spent on the road have been very memorable. Our UK and Ireland tour brought us to some great memories.
Most memorable show played in 2013
We headlined the Camden Barfly on our album release tour which was a  sold out night. We decided to move the drum kit into the audience during the last song and carry on playing our track ‘Spinning’ in amongst the crowd! I know the audience will remember that one too.
Most memorable show seen in 2013
Marc and I are currently on the way to Abbey Road Studios to hang out with Bombay Bicycle Club and see an acoustic set from their new album. So hopefully I’ll be able to say this show later on!
Favourite album of 2013
Drenge’s debut release this year was pretty special. As too was Darlia’s debut EP. I’ll have to go with ‘AM’ from the Arctic monkeys though. Not a single filler track on the album and packed with interesting grooves and super slick songs. Possibly their finest work.
Best music discovery of 2013
There are many great acts to emerge this year. Amongst them I’d have to say Royal Blood, Jungle and East India Youth. We also got introduced to a cool Irish band on our travels called Ham Sandwich. Great guys and a great band. One to check out!
Plans for 2014
We’re set to release a new track from out Hexology release which we hope to announce soon. We’re also planning on a US tour in 2014 in addition to many festival appearances. Here’s to a good year!
2 Responses to “Looking back at 2013 /// Echotape”
  1. eva6kora says:

    Love their music!!! Very captivating music and beautiful voice x

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