Face to face with Puppet Rebellion

Puppet Rebellion

Great melodies plus great songwriting plus immense talent. Is there anything else you need from a band? Manchester outfit Puppet Rebellion are walking in huge leaps across the UK and conquering everyone who gets in their way which, with the indie sound as mighty as theirs, is no surprise at all. Puppet Rebellion’s frontman Simon Monaghan talks to Rock Britain about the band’s formation, luck and hearing their song played at Old Trafford.

– The year 2013 was the year of birth of Puppet Rebellion. What are the band’s main accomplishments for your first year of life?

– Well staying together despite the arguing is an accomplishment in itself haha! We have cemented our place amongst Manchester’s best bands through our live shows, we released our first EP to fantastic critical acclaim, got our songs used by both Manchester United and Manchester City, We supported Catfish and the Bottlemen and we have started to play gigs all over the UK so all in all with no financial backing or management we are pleased with what we have achieved but at the same time frustrated we haven’t achieved more.

– Your EP ‘Chemical Friends’ was released in the summer and had a lot of positive feedback. While working at the EP, what was the main goal you wanted to achieve on it, the direction you aimed at moving in with it?

– The main goal was purely to build a fanbase and reputation.  An introduction top what we are about. We wanted it to be energetic and ballsy on a budget and we think that was achieved.

– At the beginning of 2014 you’re planning to release your sophomore EP. What can listeners expect from it?

– Expect a better quality of production as we have learnt from the mistakes of the first EP.  Expect a much more well-rounded sound with a variation of tunes that show our diversity.  Expect strong hooks / choruses.  Expect a fantastic remix of ‘Chemical Friends’ from our first EP.  It’s a massive tune. This EP is the Puppet Rebellion you have heard before but 20% better.

– What were the main differences between working at your debut and sophomore releases?

I think that all the band are a lot more critical at every stage now so we are filtering a lot more during the process.  We have used a different producer Max Brodie and recorded at a different studio. We have had more time to plan this one where as before we didn’t really know what we were doing.

– Your song was played at Old Trafford during one of Manchester United matches. How often do you go to the team’s games and what role does football play in your life? How does it feel to hear your own song played at your favourite team’s game?

– I get to around 10 games a season currently.  Football plays a massive part in my life.  I’m a very passionate Manchester United fan and a Manc born and bred so it has to.  Hearing our track at Old Trafford brought a tear to my eye.

– What difference, do you think, a well-compiled playlist can make at a game?

– Well at Old Trafford the playlist instills a lot of Manchester pride due to the tunes being from bands like The Smiths, Courteeners, Stone Roses and us too.  It all adds to the atmosphere.

– What is your most favourite band to ever come out of Manchester?

– The Smiths.

– Puppet Rebellion formed in a very natural, smooth way – something which definitely was meant to happen. How important, do you think, is the element of luck in the band’s career?

– Massively, me putting an advert on a band website and Craig replying to that advert.  He was exactly what I was looking like and the same for him too. There were hundreds of adverts to choose.  Same with all the band in the way we came together. It’s like we have always been together and we meant to be as well.

– What constituent parts of Puppet Rebellion’s success at the early stage of the band’s career do you consider to be the main ones?

– Social Media, great songwriting and need to be better than we are are the three things that have made the most impact for us.

– What’s the biggest thing you want to achieve with Puppet Rebellion?

– We want to be massive.  I’m talking stupidly big.  Known all over the world. The more people who can hear us the more our songs can inspire and have impact on people’s lives.  The only thing holding us back is the financial ability to reach all these people.  Hopefully 2014 will be the year that will change.

Find Puppet Rebellion on Facebook

Listen and download ‘Chemical Friends’

Photo courtesy Priti Shikotra


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