Looking back at 2013 /// Whales In Cubicles

Rock Britain loves Whales In Cubicles. Do I need to say more? Read on about the year 2013 as seen by this fantastic band.
Biggest achievement of 2013
We finished the album and are making preparations for the release, finally we’ll have something to hold in our hands.
Highlights of 2013
Touring with DieDieDie and the Blood arm, both great bands and great people.
Most memorable show played in 2013
Last week at the Shacklewell arms was my favourite show in a while, we have an entirely new rhythm section and it’s the best we’ve ever been as a band.
Most memorable show seen in 2013
Watching Television at the Roundhouse was pretty epic.
– Favourite album of 2013
Lee Randaldo and the Dust’ ‘Last Night On Earth’, I always wanted to hear more of his songs in Sonic Youth and there you go, now there’s a whole album.
Best music discovery of 2013
Misty Miller, watch out for her she’ll be all over the place in 2014.
Plans for 2014
We are planning on solving the world’s economic crisis and converting the entire  world to the gospel of renewable energy. No biggie.

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