Looking back at 2013 /// Dolomite Minor


Following Christmas celebrations, rock ‘n’ roll duo Dolomite Minor share their best moments of 2013.

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Biggest achievement of 2013

I guess it’s the way we’ve adapted to touring, and played at some great places with great bands. To be within a big scene of bands all chasing the same thing, going all over the country in beat up vans, it’s a cool thing to be involved in. We love it.

Highlights of 2013

The festivals were great, we liked playing with Ash as well, they were nice guys, and the venues were bigger than usual. Touring with Lyger was brilliant, it helped that we got on so well.

Most memorable show played in 2013

Reading was probably the most memorable, it was great to have a good turn out. Kendal calling was also a really good gig for us.

Most memorable show seen in 2013

Seasick Steve’s set at Kendal was great. I think the best would have to be Wet Nuns set at Y Not Festival. They were on top form.

Favourite album of 2013

QOTSA – ‘Like Clockwork’.

Best music discovery of 2013

Discovering John Fahey has given me a lot of inspiration. Its great when you come across an old artist that you have never heard of before.

Plans for 2014

To keep doing what we’re doing.


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