Looking back at 2013 /// Ashestoangels

Final Press Shot A2A

Our favourite gothic punks Ashestoangels wind up the series of highlights of 2013 with their memories of the year.

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Biggest achievement of 2013

For us this year has been about a large amount of small victories rather than one big achievement. Each tour has been better than the previous and we’ve put out 4 singles/videos. It’s been a great year.

Highlights of 2013

We’ve played more than 100 gigs this year, we love been out on the road and it’s been amazing to be able to go and do that.

Most memorable show played in 2013

Most memorable show has to be a tie between Bristol in August and Manchester in December.

For festival performance would have to be Whitby goth weekend. It was absolutely amazing. I think we were both a little afraid of each other but we got along just great haha.

Most memorable show seen in 2013

Dead. They are the best. And we didn’t play the show but I saw The Pixies at Hammersmith. Wow.

Favourite album of 2013

‘Sempiternal’. It’s awesome.

Best music discovery of 2013

Macklemore. I’m a little late to the party but ‘The Heist’ is amazing. Can’t wait for his next record.

Plans for 2014

Album 3 and world domination haha.


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