Face to face with The Sea

The Sea
Rock ‘n’ roll duo The Sea consisting of brothers Alex and Peter are the embodiment of courage and talent. Their rock ‘n’ roll is loud and edgy and their life story is utterly inspirational. The year 2013 has been big and mighty for the duo with the release of their EP ‘High On…’ and loads of touring. Peter talks to Rock Britain about the EP release, getting noticed and big achievements.
– The year 2013 has turned out very eventful for you: the release of your EP ‘High On…’, a lot of touring. How would you estimate this year for The Sea and what were the highlights, apart from the EP release and the live shows, that you would like to especially single out?
– Well firstly realising that people out there really cared about our music and the band still, we are getting some much support from all over the place, also and alongside this we are finally realising who we are as a band, musically, personally and for the first time in a long time we know where we’re going – it sounds really cheesy but we kinda found ourselves this year. (Oh god that is really cheesy!!)
– You are releasing your new single ‘Get Up Stand Up Die’ in January. What were the major inspirations for it?
 – We wanted to do a track that really strips away the chaff, cuts straight to the point and END. Do away with the niceties. That attitude towards writing is where we see it all moving for us now.
– Speaking of live shows, you’ve played a lot in Europe, the UK and the USA. Have you got an especially memorable show from the recent tours? How does travelling to different corners of the world influence you and your creative work?
 – Played a gig in America with a band that wore actual suits of armour, that will stay with us forever I think. I think traveling all over the place is massively exciting for us, it’s what we live for! I think it’s influenced our lives more than our writing – you realise how, basically we as people are all the same and it makes you realise just how racism etc is just bullshit.
 – What’s your most favourite song to perform live?
 – Changes a lot but mostly it’s a track we end our set on called ‘I Hear a The Drums’ because Alex plays a huge drum solo in it and the audience don’t get to see something like that much these days, they always go mental for it and I just get to stand aside and enjoy it.
 – What’s the songwriting process like in The Sea? Have you got any particularly favourite stage of creative process?
 – Process works like this: I write the songs basically on guitar, email demos to Alex he listens, gets to know them and then we get together rehearse the shit out of them which by the time Alex adds his drums to them they’re totally different then, if we’re lucky get to try them live before we go to record them. No particular favourite part, perhaps the rehearsal days because there pressure.
 – You represented Great Britain at various surfing competitions. How did the experience of doing sport at a professional level influence you as a musician?
 – Well I could say that surfing has helped us connect to Mother Nature on a more spiritual level but that would be bullshit! I guess doing competitions has taught us to be very driven, not to do stupid things like getting drunk or doing drugs before we play, it’s also made us super competitive even against each other which I think comes across in our live shows.
– What’s the role of the sea in your inspirations for music?
– Well it’s had a pretty big influence on us as people, we both live by the sea and named our band after it!
– What do you think are the necessary traits for an up-and-coming band to get noticed?
 – Great songs, great live show, good image and have something original even if you’re doing a tried and tested format (2 piece, 4 piece whatever)
 – What achievement of The Sea do you consider to be the most important, the biggest one?
 – Without a shadow of a doubt Alex being able to play again after the surfing accident, all the huge shows, world tours even when we made the charts in Germany is insignificant compared to that. Also the fact that we haven’t killed each other yet is pretty amazing.
 – The upcoming 2014 promises to be a busy year for The Sea. What exactly can we expect from you in 2014?
 – You can expect us to really be on top of our game, this is it now! We’ve spent a while getting it together, working out who we are and where The Sea fits into the world, now we’re gonna tour the shit out of it and release a bulk load of new tunes – loads of vinyl too 🙂

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