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Here’s a special bonus New Year Looking back feature from The Sea | The Sea! 
Biggest achievement of 2013
Recording and self-producing our ‘Sub Rosa EP’. It was a big project considering there were only 4 songs. We shacked up in the Buckinghamshire countryside, away from everyone, and put a lot of time, effort, and heart into it. Although we’ve recorded before (The Four Demos) ‘Sub Rosa’ was the first time we felt comfortable with ourselves and the sound we wanted to make.
Highlights of 2013
Opening for Tall Ships in January 2013 was a fantastic way to start the year, plus it was only our second gig! Other highlights include our first headline show at the Port Mahon, Oxford, in October; and the support we’ve been receiving from BBC Oxford.
Most memorable show played in 2013
Tall Ships! But we’ve played with some great other bands too; Sweet William, Freya, Happyness, The Black Tambourines, Old Colours…
Favourite album of 2013
To pick one is tricky so we’ll give a few we’ve enjoyed: ‘Cupid Deluxe’ by Blood Orange, ‘Yeezus’ by Kanye, ‘Holy Fire’ by Foals, ‘Engravings’ by Forest Swords, ‘Out of Touch, In the Wild’ by Dutch Uncles
Best music discovery of 2013
Charlie Cunningham. Oxford lad. Singer-songwriter. Very nice.
Plans for 2014
Hopefully a free single out in Spring and another EP in the Summer. And some more shows!
Photo courtesy Chris Blizzard

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