Top 5 Bands To Watch Out For In 2014


The year 2013 presented to the world a lot of UK talents to watch out for. Apparently, 2014 promises to be similarly big with a lot of releases from the best new bands on the UK scene.


One of the most promising and exciting new psychedelic bands in the UK Temples are preparing to hit with their debut album ‘Sun Structures’ in February. Let them hypnotise you and don’t say I haven’t warned you.

The Mirror Trap

The Mirror Trap are preparing to release their second album ‘Stay Young’ in February and this is the record which, Rock Britain believes, is destined to propel the outfit into a very good place in rock music and straight into your minds.

Dead Sons

After dropping a mighty debut album in 2013, Dead Sons promise more [mighty] music in 2014. We have no objections.

Puppet Rebellion

The rocket rise of Manchester-based Puppet Rebellion within a year after formation is due to their awesome music, great talent and bucketfuls of hard work. With the prospect of a new music release early in 2014 and more hard work, Puppet Rebellion might as well make the year 2014 their own.

Whales In Cubicles

The long wait is over! Whales In Cubicles are dropping their highly anticipated debut album in January. It’s high time the whole world fell in love with this great band.

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