Face to face with Army Of One

Army Of One

There are bands whose music gets straight into your veins the moment you hear it and stays there for days on end. Army Of One have so far revealed their debut single ‘Outside The Box/Inside The Ring’ only, but it was enough to stir quite a lot of quality noise around the Internet. With plans to release more music in 2014, it all looks really good for this up-and-coming band. Rock Britain chats to Army Of One’s vocalist Silva about all the things band-wise.

– Army Of One came together in August 2013. It seems that this process of shaping and forming the band was very natural, just as if it was meant to happen. What are your recollections about the start of Army Of One as a band? How did it all happen?

Silva: The start of any band is always an exciting time and Army Of One was no exception. I had recently moved back to London where I’m originally from just before the summer of 2013 and out of sheer curiosity I decided to check some wanted ads for musicians to see what the shape of ‘things to come’ in the city was looking like. In retrospect it sounds like a classic cliché of how rock bands form but it was that simple and I like that about us. I guess that’s what makes it natural.
I spotted a three-month-old ad of a band with a terrible name seeking a lead singer and heard some instrumental demos the guys had put up on there. The music blew me away…the name didn’t.
I thought they must have filled the spot by then so I knew if I wanted to get their attention I’d have to do something somewhat in the vain of unimaginable. I wrote and recorded over all of the nine demos within the space of a week and only then replied sending them one song per day…they liked that…and I got to change the name…I liked that too.

– Which achievements of Army Of One do you think are the most important ones in your career so far?

Silva: The music should essentially be the most important achievement no matter what stage of a band’s career, and it’s certainly ours. It’s what’s going to make, break or shake you. We have been together near enough five months now and although we have other things we can be proud of, namely the amazing receptiveness to our debut single and the ever-growing following we’re slowly but surely gaining, it’s still the level of music and coherency of the band that we raise a glass to at the end of the day.

– What’s the main measure of success for you at this starting stage of the band’s life?

Silva: Because we are still a new band, and an independent one at that, it has to be the reaction of the public after you’ve done the best you can with what you have. When we see that more people start coming to the gigs, and we start to get more followers on our social networks we’re definitely growing as a unit and getting our name out there. And of course, having a large number of t-shirts sold is surely a sign of success right?!!!!!

– What’s the most important thing for you in your music?

Silva: I would say it’s the feeling it evokes. As a songwriter, and especially as a lyricist, to cram so much of what you want to say into a four-minute or however long piece of music, is by far the most rewarding but sometimes taxing thing your faced with. That’s why it’s important to be satisfied with what you’re revealing about yourself. In essence, it’s something your going to have to live with and hopefully reproduce time and time again. After all, music without feeling is just noise.

– Your logo is very interesting and eye-catching. How does it represent Army Of One, your philosophy and sound?

Silva: Cheers. Yeah, it’s a drawing by influential French artist and designer Kiki Picasso. I had previously seen it at an exhibition and it took me ages to discover who was behind it. When I finally managed to get his contact and speak to him personally, I showed him some of our music and explained what we’re about, he instantly agreed that it would serve as the perfect allegory for the Army Of One dogma and some of the clandestine topics we often write about.
The band name is a paradox; it’s a deliberate reflection of current times, where the one can represent anyone and everyone, or just the individual.

– Your debut video for the single ‘Outside The Box/Inside The Ring’ is out. What are the main inspirations behind this track and how does the video represent the song and its message? How was the idea for the video born?

Silva: We decided that this should be the song to introduce the band to people, musically it’s loud and energetic and lyrically it’s an exploration of the self when faced with a challenge or whilst being constantly persecuted, until reaching that breaking point when you say to yourself, ‘I’ve had enough. I’m going to step outside of the box and fight back. Become who I want to be’. Everyone puts themselves on trial eventually, the scale of judgment or consequence is irrelevant, what’s important is the acknowledgement that you didn’t retreat.
We wanted to show how someone who is naturally perceived as having a strong nature about them is also confronted with their own demons from time to time. Someone like Jennifer Lee, the boxer in the clip who is an incredibly talented athlete, has to be very focused and controlled, something that transcends into her everyday life, but even someone like that is vulnerable to spouts of doubts and fears.
The idea was just something I had in my mind after we finished the song and I’m happy we managed to make it come alive with the help of the awesome director, filmmaker and friend Riccardo Servini.

 – What’s your most anticipated album by other bands in 2014?

Silva: I’ve read somewhere that there may be some new album releases from Foo Fighters and hopefully Soundgarden who are always bands I keep an ear out for. I’m sure Beck and Bruce Springsteen will have some incredible new stuff for us too.

– Which music/album/song is your favourite night-time listen?

Silva: It varies with the seasons, but I’ll nominate my most recent shut-eye accomplice; Queens Of The Stone Ages’ Like Clockwork, I can’t praise it enough.

– What do you ideally want to achieve with Army Of One?

Silva: To also appear on everyone’s most anticipated album list for however long we’re making music.
It’s rock, not rocket science, so really all it comes down to is writing good songs, playing good shows and remaining good friends with the people we do that with.

– What are your main plans for 2014? What can we expect from Army Of One new-music-wise?
Silva: We’ll be announcing some dates very soon, hopefully some big ones, which are part of our main plan for the year.
Our next single is scheduled for release next month with the EP following suit soon after so there is going to be a lot of music and a lot of news in the very near future.
All of this info will be available on our site and social pages so remember to Join Us:


6 Responses to “Face to face with Army Of One”
  1. Mark Mason says:

    Loving the song..Massive rock.
    I hadn’t heard of Army Of One before!! Thanks for that : )


  2. Dina says:

    YEAHH!!!!!! Proper rock this!
    I LIKE a lot!

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