Face to face with Wolf Club Lunar Society

Wolf Club Lunar Society

Rock ‘n’ roll with unusual elements and droplets of harmonica and violin for a highly authentic music affair make Wolf Club Lunar Society well stand out. It doesn’t take them long to go from a frenzied whirlwind to a slow-burning, heavy-weight balladry and, I daresay, you’ll love all their incarnations. Vocalist and guitarist Antony Flynn tells Rock Britain about the upcoming single release, London inspirations and band philosophy.

– The year 2014 is beginning with the release of the single ‘One More Line’ for you. What’s the story behind this song? How was it born?

–  ‘One More Line’ was inspired by our surroundings in London. It’s kind of a story told in two parts – the frantic, bustling days, that can drive you a bit insane against the sleazy, chaotic illuminated nights. We wanted to try and capture the Jekyll and Hyde nature of the city.

– The b-side to ‘One More Line’ is ‘9 o’clock’. Is there any connection between the two songs? What role do b-sides play for you? Do you see them just as a bonus to a single or something more?

– B-sides for us are a great way to show a different side to our music because as a band we are influenced by loads of different genres and sounds. ‘9 o’clock’ has much more of a bluesy-rock feel to it and has a different array of sounds on the track. It contrasts well with ‘One More Line’ which we like and think is a good thing.

– How did you enjoy working with Oliver Thomas at the single?

– He won’t thank us for this because he is a modest kind of chap is Oliver, but it was awesome! He really challenges you to make the tracks you work on the best they can be. The experience was an invaluable lesson and we can’t wait to get back in the studio with him to work on the new records in the coming months.

– You are inspired by London a lot. Where does the biggest inspiration in this city lay for you? Whose music in your opinion makes the best soundtrack for London life?

– There is so much in London that can inspire you. We grew up here so our perspective is probably quite different to an outsider or visitor looking in. London after dark is always fascinating and inspiring, with the different variety of characters, sounds, drinking holes and back alleys. It is a massive recipe for chaos but we think in a good way. Nothing captures all this  better than the 70’s punk movement in particular The Clash and more recently The Libertines.

– What’s the first and foremost thing for you in your music?

–  Our songs need to have something to say, it may be a story or an opinion, or both! We don’t want to write for the sake of writing.

– What’s creative process in Wolf Club Lunar Society like?

– We don’t really have a set way of writing, which makes it exciting for us. It can start from something small like a riff, chord progression or lyric or someone can come in with a fully arranged song. Once we get in the rehearsal studio everybody contributes to an idea, then it’s about trusting your instincts to see if the song is working or not. It’s important that everybody involved is collectively enjoying what we are playing and feeding off that energy.

– In your music you use harmonica and violin alongside guitars and drums. Are there any other instruments you’d like to try out while recording?

– Most definitely. We plan to have keys on the next record and want to experiment a lot more with percussion and harmonies. We are open-minded and will use any instrument that we feel will benefit the song we are working on.

– What’s your favourite album of 2013?

– Tough one! There was some pretty cool albums knocking around last year, ‘Mosquito’ by Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, and Queens of the Stone age released a good album. David Bowie’s ‘Next day’ is awesome.

– What’s your main philosophy as a band?

– Enjoy it and put your heart, soul in to whatever we do! If we are not enjoying what we are doing we might as well pack up and go home.

– What are your plans for 2014?

– We plan to release 3 singles this year including ‘One More Line’. For the first part of 2014 we will be in the studio working on the follow-up singles that we plan to self release in the next six months. All going well, we will be back gigging extensively   in the spring/summer time, so watch this space!

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