Face to face with Charmer


Leeds-based Charmer are noted for a catchy breed of rock ‘n’ roll with anthemic touch and irresistible character. The band, who have been making waves since 2012, have highly addictive music and some airplay for their single ‘Hold On’ under their belts.  Now, as Charmer kick off a busy year, Rock Britain talks to the musicians about their upcoming release, secrets of a good song and that special place to hear their music.

– How did Charmer begin as a band?

Rob: We all met at university in Leeds through doing the same course, Music Technology.

Lewis: I was also studying music tech and met the lads through mates and going to basement parties in Leeds.

– On 18th January your single ‘Falling Through’ is released on iTunes. What were the inspirations behind this song? How was it born?

Benjamin: Well it’s quite an old song, I wrote it about a year ago. Usually I write an idea for a song then Rob adds his own bit and words.

Lewis: Then we take the demos to a practice and all the band add their own thoughts to it and it normally changes completely from the original, for the better!

– There was some radio play for ‘Hold On’ in the UK and Canada. How does it feel to hear your songs on the radio?

Rob: Yeah it’s always a bit strange hearing your own music on the radio, but in a good way.

Lewis: Yeah it sounded massive that track!

– Nowadays songs are played at different extraordinary events and in various extravagant places, like the Olympics opening ceremony or even in the space. If you could choose your song to be played in any place or at any event, which one would you go for and why?

Benjamin: Saturday evening on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury would be special.

Rob: Or Wembley haha

What’s your most favourite thing about playing live shows?

Rob: Jacob getting in the crowd for the outro of ‘Falling Through’ is always a good moment!

– Over all the time you’ve spent on the road, how have you changed as a live band?

Ben: Well we were originally a 3 piece but now have 5 members and the sound of the band has definitely developed live.

Jacob: Yeah I add some hipster points to the band, with my dreamcatcher on the end of my bass haha!

– Being an up-and-coming band, what do you consider your main priority at the moment?

Rob: Achieving as much of a live and online presence as possible.

Lewis: Yeah just to keep on writing and recording music and playing them live!

– What’s your approach to making your music special?

Lewis: I think the way we write is positive as we try and incorporate a variety of styles to make each track unique

Rob: There’s definitely a sound of us 5 being in a room together and that’s what makes it special.

– What’s the biggest attraction of new music for you? What are you looking for in new music?

Rob: I’m looking for something inspiring and a tune that’s influential.

Lewis: something with a good beat and groove that you can listen to in your company car!

– What traits of a song make it a really great one, in your opinion?

Craig: Something where you can tell there’s been a thought process behind each element of the song

Rob: Yeah and that it’s been re-written and just makes you wanna dance and believe in music again.

Ben: And also good production techniques haha

– Ideally, what’s your main goal concerning Charmer?

Ben: Just to keep on making new and exciting music.

Rob: I don’t think there’s a clear, defined goal just as yet but just to keep on developing live and to get as big as possible and see where it goes from there!

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