In their words /// City Reign on ‘Package It Up’

City Reign live at The Deaf Institute

It’s been almost a year since Manchester treasure City Reign released their debut album ‘Another Step’. This February the band are releasing a new single which we absolutely can’t wait to hear. The b-side ‘Package It Up’ is an acoustic-guitar-driven, stripped back 3-minute wonder which bares its heart and soul and arrests listeners with its natural beauty. City Reign guitarist Michael Grice tells about the song:

It’s a song that lyrically moves away from some of the more abstract ideas on the first album. I’m a bit more confident in articulating things that are bothering me or that I’m trying to make sense of.

The mood of the song is quite a cynical take on how insular we’re all become, vaguely aware of what’s going on in the world outside but almost actively apathetic towards the conflicts and suffering taking place around the world. People seem more content sitting alone in flats playing video games than engaging in the world and it’s quite frustrating to see.

The song doesn’t really offer any answers or solutions, but I think the first step is to recognise the problem, that’s all this is really.

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