Featured EP /// Puppet Rebellion ‘No Means Yes’ [2014]

Puppet Rebellion

Manchester-based Puppet Rebellion exploded in 2013 and, just FYI, it was the year when the band were born. The collective quickly gained themselves a great reputation with their intelligent, not-your-usual kind of indie and impressive live shows. Puppet Rebellion’s debut EP ‘Chemical Friends’ encapsulated the musicians’ talent and their true character, became a taste of things to come from the new Manchester music wonder. In 2014 they’re striking again with sophomore EP ‘No Means Yes’.

Instantly, ‘No Means Yes’ is a progression from the debut EP: the band are not resting on their laurels, but grow further musically. Work at ‘No Means Yes’ was different from that of at ‘Chemical Friends’. Max Brodie became the producer of the record and Puppet Rebellion chose to work in a different studio. A more critical outlook on the creative process helped the band create absolute gems and having more time on their hands for work at the EP resulted in cherry-picked, polished tracks, each standing out on its own.

‘No Means Yes’ is a great display of how diverse Puppet Rebellion are sound-wise. The opener ‘Pirouette’ is a punchy number with some serious guts and spicy sarcasm. Melancholic ‘Cupboards Painted Red’ is absolutely heart-breaking with its sincere vulnerability shimmering through the chords and unhurried, soft melody. Calm, but powerful ‘Loner In Disguise’ has character enough to ask you the questions you won’t dare to ask yourself and get you well thinking. ‘Green Eyed Monster’ returns to a punchy, loud route and in just two and a bit minutes creates a bang with sharp guitars going upwards and in-your-face melody. The remix of ‘Chemical Friends’, which closes the EP, is not like anything you’ve ever heard from Puppet Rebellion. Electronic, sharp and distorted, the remix created by Cai Caslavinieri adds a fresh, electric, unhackneyed tone to the whole EP and winds it up in a spectacular fashion.

There’s great confidence in every line and chord on ‘No Means Yes’. It’s this confidence of the band who have experienced fizzy, intoxicating taste of success and, inspired by what they’ve already achieved, went on making music with more great spirit and on absolutely raging fire. ‘No Means Yes’ is tighter, bolder and more polished than its predecessor and carries a distinct stamp of Puppet Rebellion melodious, intelligent power. On ‘No Means Yes’ Puppet Rebellion take their listeners on a journey to various places and parts of their souls and lives: it’s highly likely you won’t be the same after hearing this EP.

Puppet Rebellion have a lot of potential and they are unleashing it gradually. The band have so much to offer that we can only guess what to expect from them in the future. This intelligent outfit are as far from being a cliché as it’s humanly possible. If you trust Puppet Rebellion with saving real music, they won’t let you down for sure. After all, one doesn’t drive people crazy with their music within the first year after formation and, most certainly, doesn’t get played during half time at Old Trafford for nothing.

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