Face to face with Inego


I’m sure you love this kind of music with unearthly feel and at the same time sounding so appealing and close to your heart. Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up to Inego – Manchester’s secret music power. Possessing the ability to write very diverse songs with the recognisable feel of music which wasn’t made here on Earth, Inego draw inspirations from life and art. If you hear Inego once, you will never forget them. The band’s vocalist and guitarist Toby Belshaw tells Rock Britain about films, outer space and moments to be proud of.

– What was the beginning of Inego?

– Inego first started as a group of friends who just wanted to make music that they loved and that they would like to hear on the radio – aside from whatever scene was going on around them at the time.

– The band name was inspired by the character from the film ‘The Princess Bride’. How did that happen? Why exactly was the character of Inigo Montoya so inspirational?

– If you’ve ever seen the film – you won’t forget Inigo – he steals the show as you can’t help but route for him to find the man who killed his father and eventually achieve some type of peace – but its done in such a way it actually makes him more likable , not to mention he’s pretty handy with a sword ! We were watching the film in the early days as a band when we were still looking for a name and we all said at the same time , “we should name the band after him!” It was almost too weird to be a coincidence. So we did.

– What is the role of films in your inspirations for music? If you could lend your music as a soundtrack to any film, what genre of film would you choose for soundtracking?

– Films definitely play a massive part in our lives and you can always find inspiration inside any type of art if you look hard enough! Our drummer Pete would love it if we did the music for a Van Damme movie as he’s a personal hero. Our next single ‘ On The Run’, is very cinematic and definitely would work in some type of Action Film. Maybe the next Bond soundtrack!?

– Inego have been a band for a while. How would you estimate the band’s way so far?

– As with any band there has been lots of highs and lows over the years on this journey, but we’ve been very lucky in the fact we’ve been able to play all over the UK and even further afield. We’ve met lots and lots of great people through our music. We have some great fans as well and as long as we can keep reaching out to people and people keep listening to what we do, we will continue.

– What’s the moment in your career you’re especially proud of?

– Playing In New York City was a definite highlight for me – the electricity of the crowd and the place in general – We also met Tommy Lee when we were there as well which was very cool! Also our first show in London at the Dublin Castle was one of those gigs that just transcended any barriers between the crowd and the band – an epic night!

– Being based in Manchester, how are you influenced by the surroundings and the city, noted for its great music?

– It’s impossible not to be influenced by Manchester – it’s an amazing forward thinking city where music is so deeply routed in everything. It’s all around you all the time! It’s also got a great party scene which always helps to create some inspiration. Just walking about the place, its hard not to be affected by it.

– How are your songs usually born?

– I usually write the basic song on an acoustic guitar and then take it to the guys in the rehearsal rooms who will all bring their individual ideas to the table and help form it into a more finished version of the song – we then road test them live and tweak them into the final product in the studio.

– What do you think is the most ideal atmosphere for listening to Inego’s music?

– That’s a tough question! I would say either probably very LOUD in your car or down at the front at a show. But someone recently told me they were listening to our last single ‘Always The Same’ on a beach in Mexico, it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, a Mojito in hand , and they said that this was the perfect environment for our music.

– What are your plans releases-wise for this year?

– Well we’ve just finished recording our new single ‘ On The Run’ which will be out in the next couple of months – it’s got this dark disco rock vibe going on so we’ll be promoting that- hopefully with a new video as well. We’re also looking to record another EP later this year where we will be looking to build on this sound.

– If you could send any of your songs to be played in outer space, which track would you choose and why?

– I would say ‘Unoriginal’ – its more of a sound scape INEGO track that has this ethereal otherworldly vibe about that would definitely fill some type of void.

– What’s your biggest ambition concerning Inego?

– To go places we’ve never been before. Build on what we’ve done already and for as many people as possible to hear our music .

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