Face to face with Brockley Forest

Brockley Forest

Dec and Seb comprising Brockley Forest are not novice on the music scene. Moreover, the two have known each other since they were 11 years old, so be sure – there’s no lack of chemistry between them. The duo’s latest single ‘Run For Your Money’ is punchy, rock’n’roll and with character, just like any other of their tracks. Brockley Forest talk to Rock Britain about music, art and plans.

– Recently you’ve released your track ‘Run For Your Money’. What were the main inspirations for the song?

Dec – It’s about priorities. As we’ve grown up together, we’ve seen people make choices that have shown their true character..for good and for bad. A lot of people are so materialistic that the things they own end up owning them…the line ‘you’ll never understand the reason why your free when you have nothing’ was taken from the film Fight Club which for us encompasses a lot of these themes and attitudes.

– What other new releases are you planning to put out this year?

Seb – We recorded three tracks at Vale Studios in the first week of this new year. Since then we’ve released ‘Run for your Money’ as a free download and are intending to release the other two tracks together as a physical release with ‘Run for your Money’ sometime in early spring.

 – You’ve known each other for a really long time. Now, being in a band together, what kind of difference and impact does knowing each other so well make when it comes to creative process?

Seb – Having a strong chemistry really helps productivity. A lot of ideas we’ve come up with have come from experiences that we’ve shared together. This can be true for live shows also, people can feel our chemistry on stage and ultimately it allows audiences to enjoy the music on different levels.

– You’ve got other art interests apart from music, like photography and scriptwriting. How do these forms of art help you develop in your music career? Would you like to try your hand at any other forms of art alongside these ones?

Dec – It’s always good to have other creative outlets. My script ‘Cadbury Hill’, I’ve been developing for over a year now and for me, it’s something i can focus on when I’m not playing music for whatever reason. It’s coming up to 100 pages and in it’s 4th draft form and that’s really satisfying for me to see something develop and grow alongside Brockley Forest.

 Seb – Photography helps me look back on moments I’ve had and regain inspiration from them. Sometimes I can play or write music with a certain image in mind to portray the atmosphere i want to create. I’ve recently got into blacksmithing and enjoy the process of making something beautiful out of a few bits of metal.

– What’s your approach to your live shows? How do you make them memorable?

Seb – There’s always a different approach to each live show we play. Depending on where we’re playing and who we’re performing with. To keep things fresh and spontaneous, we never use a set list … One of our most memorable shows was our first show at The Mothers Ruin last year. We’d self released our first E.P and it was the first time we had a packed out venue singing our songs. That’s a special feeling you can’t forget.

– The band’s name is inspired by the name of the forest. What role did Brockley forest play in your lives? Are there any other especially memorable and important for the band places?

Dec – It’s just always been there for us to explore as we’ve grown up. When we were really young, we’d go into the forest with a bow and arrow, swords and stuff and pretend we were characters from the middle ages…as we got older we’d camp up there and have crazy party’s. A forest is always good for a party because there’s never any issues with neighbours or police … always take battery’s for your boom box though.

There’s too many other special places to name, but if you haven’t been up there already, we recommend you climb ‘Crooks Peak’ in the Mendips.

 – What is the most memorable event that’s ever taken place in Brockley Forest’s life?

Seb – When we had both finished school/college, all we wanted to do was go to New York and hit the road for a few months with nothing but a bag full of clothes. So that’s what we did, 10,000 miles from New York to Chicago, Orlando, El Paso, Seattle, San Fran, L.A all by Greyhound. That’s what cemented us as best friends and as bandmates.

 – What was your first acquaintance with music like? What were the first bands you got into?

Dec – The first band that inspired us to get a band together was guns and roses. I think we saw the ‘welcome to the jungle’ video or the ‘paradise city’ film and that was it. Shortly after we formed a band in school with different friends and played our first gig two years later.

– When was the turning point when you realised you wanted to make your own music?

Seb – We’ve written songs since we were 12 or 13 but it wasn’t until we travelled the States that we really wanted to take it seriously.

– What do you think of the current state of the UK music scene?

Dec – It’s kind of overwhelming. Music is so accessible now, to the point where we’re spoilt as a society but we embrace that. It’s amazing that artists from all over the world now have a platform like the internet to build on but there’s pro’s and con’s to every generation i guess.

– What’s Brockley Forest’s main goal?

To tour this Summer. There’s only two of us and we can fit all our gear in one car so there’s really no excuse. We’re intending to play as many festivals this summer as possible.

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