Featured album /// Canterbury ‘Dark Days’ 2014


Surrey-based outfit Canterbury have been around since 2005 and since day one the musicians have been making quality, unique rock music. This collective follow no tendencies and fashions as they keep to their own perception of music which has found response in the hearts of a great number of music lovers.

DIY ethics have always been Canterbury’s way of doing things. Sticking to DIY, Canterbury steadily and determinedly are turning into one of the most prominent rock bands UK has to offer. While it might be not the quickest way to success, it’s definitely the most genuine one. This distinctive approach is clearly seen not only in the band’s individual sound, but also in how Canterbury release their albums.

Canterbury’s debut album ‘Thank You’ was released in 2009 for free and with more than 3000 downloads in the first three days, reached a great number of listeners due to fans sharing the record relentlessly. Thus the sophomore ‘Heavy In The Day’, which followed in 2012, came out to the eager, well-prepared audience. The release of Canterbury’s third album ‘Dark Days’ (out January 13, 2014) was supported by fans via Pledge and judging by the enthusiastic reaction and the number of pledges, the record was a very anticipated one indeed.

Canterbury’s breed of high-quality music performed with fire and a distinct stamp of independence has been evolving through their career and comes to full bloom on ‘Dark Days’. The record represents musically experienced Canterbury, who keep their signature fervour and pour it into their newly matured, much heavier and atmospheric sound. Intricate song structures and unhackneyed compositions involving the piano and the strings show Canterbury’s desire and skill in trying out new things in music for the gripping and involving listen.

There are ballads with incredible ambience (‘All My Life’, ‘Hold Your Own’, ‘Going Nowhere’), anthemic explosions whose unrestrained energy is like firework blasts (‘Satellite’, ‘Expensive Imitation’, ‘Elephant’) and mid-tempo affairs (‘Think It Over’, ‘Run From A Gun’). Canterbury have always been skillful in musical diversity, so their putting tender, soft ballads next to mighty belters with shredding guitars sounds like the most harmonious thing on Earth. Most importantly, no matter how their songs flow, all of them have a very strong inner pivot, tons of guts and some serious character.

Canterbury approached making ‘Dark Days’ differently from their previous efforts. Firstly, the album was written over a limited period of time in contrast to, say, ‘Heavy In The Day’, which had shaped over a spin of several years. Moreover, Canterbury went incredibly picky about each song on ‘Dark Days’ and made 1000% sure that each of them sounded absolutely perfect. Hence we’ve got a really focused record polished to the level of absolute perfection with the burning heart inside it.

Canterbury have chosen a very British name for their band – the name which reflects their very British sound: you simply can’t fail to recognise it. Being a really hard-working squad and following their hearts, Canterbury keep on making the music they love and ‘Dark Days’ is sure to open more doors for this incredible talent.

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