Featured album /// The Mirror Trap ‘Stay Young’ 2014

The Mirror Trap

Nowadays in order to stand out bands mix a lot of music ideas in their sound, but not all succeed in doing it properly. Scottish outfit The Mirror Trap have a particular know-how for embracing a lot of inspirations and turning them all into something so truly special, that you’ll have not much choice other than to surrender.

The Mirror Trap’s debut album ‘The Last Great Melodrama’ (released 2011) was a taste of the band’s talent and approach to making music in their own charismatic way. Now in 2014 there comes their sophomore ‘Stay Young’ and the stakes are high as never before.

First of all, forget about any sort of pigeonholing when you speak The Mirror Trap: the band are too good for that. Just enjoy their melodies, following unpredictable routes – incredible, passionate guitars sliding into melancholic picking, furious drums turning tingling and light all of a sudden, dark passages substituted by light ones.

Starting off on an anthemic, a bit mischievous note with ‘American Dreams’, The Mirror Trap throw in a lyrical part with ‘Waves’ or a darker, menacing-sounding slower affair with ‘Pigeon Chest’ down the line. ‘Dreamers’ walks in quietly, but explodes in the chorus racing to the sunset on the wings of freedom and ‘Bell Street’ is dreamy, misty and simply magical. ‘Future Lionheart’ looms dark, heavy and ominous with droning, roaring guitars and the closer ‘Fades’ is partially quiet and light, but has a steel character reflected in guitar roar that arises from calm, stripped back picking.

The Mirror Trap find it easy to mix tracks heavier or lighter, more lyrical or more assertive, in-your-face or relaxed. It’s a music stunt the band have mastered to the point of such perfection, that their diversity is very focused, concentrated: these tracks sit comfortably side by side and complement each other instead of turning the album into a chaotic mass. One thing remains unaltered: passion in the music performed by the band who care.

The Mirror Trap’s identity stands up proud and unique not only in their truly inimitable sound, but also in wit and intelligence of their lyrics. They immediately make you feel at home with them by addressing life issues and being inspired by life events. The musicians show that they’re not just a bunch of guys in pursue of fun, but have some serious substance in everything The-Mirror-Trap-wise. The band have a lot to say and are not afraid of speaking their minds, being who they really are, following the ‘take it or leave it’ principle. Positioning honesty as the most important thing for them, The Mirror Trap never pretend, but on the contrary are absolutely real and totally themselves. Isn’t it precious to see the collective who make music not in order to earn loads of money, but to leave a mark in people’s hearts?

On ‘Stay Young’ The Mirror Trap will take your breath away and make you sit hypnotised, wondering at how good and  appealing they are. The band have this mysterious charm powers over their listeners, which are had to explain:  the chemistry just happens when you hit Play, The Mirror Trap’s music fills your space and bang! – you’re hooked.

Photo courtesy: David P. Scott

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