The history of one song /// Queen ‘I Want To Break Free’


Queen have always been famous for their sophisticated, extravagant music with multiple layers, swift transformations and bright arrangements. This band’s credo was to be always noticed and they could stand no other place other than the first: Queen’s truly grand, inimitable sound was their signature and identity, the core of their life.

However, sometimes the band threw off their royal garments and showed a simpler face to their listeners as if taking a break from orchestral arrangements and complex structures. ‘I Want To Break Free’ is a great showcase of Queen’s simple elegance.

‘I Want To Break Free’ was written by John Deacon in 1983 and came out in 1984. The main charm of the track lies in its simple, rather repetitive, very catchy melody and straightforward message delivered in the lyrics: breaking free from whatever is holding you down.

Since the release of ‘The Works’, where ‘I Want To Break Free’ was featured, Queen performed the song at their live shows for a long time and it proved a massive fan favourite: audiences happily joined in singing and having fun.

Considering Queen’s love for luxurious, posh rock music, ‘I Want To Break Free’ does stand out in their back catalogue, but Queen never performed careless experiments: no matter what they did, they still remained the mighty Queen in every single note.


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