Face to face with High Horses

High Horses

Uplifting, darkened and very upbeat music by High Horses can easily rule the year 2014 – the year of the Horse. They got together only in May 2013, but their potential and talent have already come to surface at such an early period in the band’s life. High Horses talk to Rock Britain about their EP, formation and aspirations.

– What’s the story behind High Horses’ formation?

– We’ve always played music together and apart since we were about 16 so High Horses is the latest chapter of our musical adventure!

– You released your debut EP ‘Hours’ some time ago. How would you introduce this EP to those who haven’t heard it yet?

– Catchy Dark Synth-Rock, best listened to on a rainy day

– What were the main inspirations behind ‘Hours’?

– We wanted to make a collection of songs that were as ‘big’ sounding as possible, without being a conventional guitar/vocals/drums setup…. we got more and more into new ways to make electronic noises!

– Single ‘In Colour and Grey’ is out on 24th February. Why did you choose this very song to be released as a single?

– This song was one of the last songs we recorded for the EP, but once we started, we rebuilt it from the ground up in the studio and became a great leading track; driving beat, catchy vocals… it just made sense!

– ‘In Colour and Grey’ was put on ‘Taste Masters’ album. How does it feel to be part of this compilation?

– Considering our tracks weren’t even officially released before Taste Masters was released, we were really excited to be able to put ‘In Colour and Grey’ on the album.  With the amount of hard work it takes to put a new release out we were really happy to have that opportunity right from the beginning.

– Your music has got a very special atmosphere. What’s the songwriting process in High Horses like? Do you have any favourite environment for writing songs?

– We usually start with a riff, beat or electro pattern and build on it from there, we like to have the skeleton of a song done, and then we go into the studio for a couple of days at which point it usually gets torn apart and sewn back together in a completely different and far superior form. It’s not unusual for songs to change all together, in fact, the lyrics for ‘In Colour and Grey’ were re-written right before we began recording.

– What do you aim at putting into your live shows? What’s the main priority of your live shows for you?

– We both love bands with tonnes of energy live so we put the same energy into our shows (our last show involved a guitar covered in blood by the end of the first song!). However the main focus seems to be getting through the infamous High Horses technical glitches, which so far we haven’t played one show without!

– High Horses have been a band since May 2013. What’s the main focus for you at this early stage of the band’s life?

– We’re itching to get our Hours EP in the hands of as many people as possible, we’re currently working on the follow up but at the minute this one is catching a lot of attention.  People seem to really like hearing it, and we really enjoy playing it live, so we’re making sure as many people as possible hear it.

– Looking back, what are the main highlights of your career so far?

– One of the most surreal moments was when Stephen walked into a fast food chain….. we’ll call it DcMonalds…… and our track ‘Take It Away’ was being played over the speakers, that was the first time we had heard our songs in public.

– What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?

– A lot of our themes are dark, but with a positive spin.  We hope people take the positive messages that lie over the depressing tones.

– What are your plans for 2014?

– 2014 is the Year of the Horse, so the Horse will be doing a lot of touring/recording/writing and repeating. 2014 is definitely the year of the (High) Horse.

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