Face to face with We Came From Wolves

We Came From Wolves

Scottish outfit We Came From Wolves already have a lot of achievemnets under their belts: a debut EP, two UK tours, a show in Paris, a support slot with Frightened Rabbit and, most importantly, well-rounded, mature, sparkling sound to be proud of. The band’s sophomore EP ‘Paradise Place’ is coming out on 3rd March and prior to its release WCFW’s lead singer and guitarist Kyle Charles James Burgess chats to Rock Britain about the record and loads of other things.

 To begin with, could you introduce us to how We Came From Wolves started as a band?

– WCFW didn’t really start out as a band, I had been in a heavier style of band as just a vocalist for a long time and as that project started to peter our I decided to pick up the guitar and start to write a different kind of song. The first song I wrote was “for all our sins, we’re golden” which I took up to my producer friend, Tom Mitchell (who recorded our debut EP and films our videos) and we did a quick bedroom recording with his home set up. I really just wrote it to vent a lot of hard things I was going through at that time in my life and it was intended for me and my girlfriend’s ears only. I took up an acoustic guitar and after playing the song to Tom he insisted I recorded it full band (with computer drums) so right there and then I added lead parts, played bass on it and the track became much more than I had bargained for, from there on I knew I wanted more people to hear it and off the cuff decided to email it to BBC introducing. A few weeks later I woke up to some texts from friends saying I’d been on Radio One as I was sleeping…it was a pretty cool feeling and from there I decided I wanted to get a band together and make more of these songs.

– Your new EP ‘Paradise Place’ is out in March. What makes this EP special?

– It contains four very different songs, each with it’s own vibe, style and approach however the subject matter links them perfectly with themes of surroundings, self evaluation and defiance. The deliverance of these songs is brutally honest and encompasses a mix of stylish guitars with hook-laden melodies and thoughtful structure throughout.
It’s honest, it’s catchy, it’s gallus and it’s emotive. It ticks a lot of boxes.

– What were the main sources of inspiration behind the EP?

– Moving forward. Looking at where I’m from, where I’ve been, who I am and where I want to be…it’s a cathartic record as it deals with a lot of self evaluation both personally and in a positional sense, to allow for progression in my life.

– Comparing ‘Paradise Place’ to your debut EP ‘Cope’, how are these two records similar and how are they different?

– They are similar in that everything we ever write will be honest to the core. We will also always have melody at the core of what we do, in some more recent writing sessions there is a few darker and heavier songs, however we take great care in ensuring that we approach that side of our music cautiously and maintain the foundations that are at the heart of this band.

They EPs differ in that the subject matter on “COPE” was very much treading water in a tough situation and trying to keep my head above that water, so to speak, in some tough times I was having whereas “Paradise Place” is much more about moving on and progress.

The other obvious element is the musical progression, it’s two years since “COPE” and we have obviously developed as musicians, writers and people so although I’m still proud and protective over “COPE”, “Paradise Place” is defiantly (and thankfully) our best work so far.

– What is the biggest attraction of your live shows?

– We put a lot of energy into our live show, not in the obvious image of bouncing’s up and down etc but more into the feeling of each song and totally laying it all on a plate for the audience, we leave it all up there…then have a beer with everyone.

– We Came From Wolves have toured a lot. How does being on the road influence you as a band and personally?

– It’s the second best thing, personally, about being in a band…first would be recording…there is no place like the studio, the creation and development of your songs and bringing them to life, however a VERY close second is getting out on the road, meeting new people, discovering new bands, discovering new places you’d love to visit again, finding out the places you NEVER wanna go back again and best of all, discovering a whole new level of tightness as a band after playing for a number of shows in a row.
We would love to tour full time, and that is certainly the goal for us all.

– If you could perform in any place in the world, where would you go to play live and why?

– Japan. It just seems like such an extraordinary place with a beautiful culture and they seem to go the extra mile for bands they love.

– What’s the most memorable gig you’ve ever been to? What makes a live show really good for you?

– That is a very tough question…I’ve seen so many incredible shows but I think Deftones at Barrowlands, Glasgow could maybe take the biscuit…that was mind-blowing…the energy, the tightness, the interaction with the crowd was fascinating…Chino wasn’t trying to crack jokes or get the crowd to shout louder on one side of the room than the other or all the usual, tired routines…it genuinely felt like I was standing watching them in their practice room, it was comfortable, it was a mellow and chilled vibe and then the music would play again and the volume, tightness and sound just exploded…It was fantastic.

– What is your favourite night-time listen?

– It depends on my mood…but I’ll pick Drake’s “Take Care”, Mac Demarco’s “2” or Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” for varying late night vibes.

– What’s the best thing about being in We Came From Wolves?

– Recording and the road.

– Apart from the EP release, what other plans have you got for 2014?

– We are going on a full UK tour, ending with a couple of Europeans shows this march to promote the EP, we will be getting out in between that and the next tour to play as many shows and festivals as possible as well as writing and recording our debut album…(whisper that last bit though).

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