Getting to know /// The Everglows


Bold, assertive and confident – these are The Everglows. Make yourself comfortable and get to know the band  a bit better.

– How did The Everglows start?

– I met Ray (drummer) through an internet advert a couple of years ago and we tried various bass players but never found the right one. We were doing an open mike night and this guy comes up to us afterwards and says he want to join the band playing guitar. We convinced him to play bass instead and Steve has been with us ever since!

– There are some demos on your Soundcloud. Are you planning any official releases any time soon?

– We would love to have an official release but I guess all musicians do! I think that the demos we’ve done ourselves give a really good indication of how we want the band to sound and if we get a chance to release them through a label then that would be fantastic. All the tracks are downloadable from bandcamp for free at the moment.

– You draw your inspirations from the 60-s. What is so specially attractive for you in those times?

– Ray and myself were really born at the wrong time. We should have grown up through that sixties period as we’re both always drawn to it be it music, film or fashion. It was just such an expressive time where everything seemed new and exciting.

– What’s your favourite way of writing music?

– I like to write while I’m in the van going to work,some of our best tunes have come to me sitting in traffic and you do quite a lot of that in London!I nearly always have an idea before I sit down with the guitar or piano.

– What can your audience expect from your live shows?

– From me? Usually lots of sweat! We work hard live and like to give it our all. You have to try to get across to the audience in a short space of time the passion you have for the music you’ve created. I’d like to think that people come away from our gigs with the songs in their head and a good vibe from the performance.

– What bands do you consider your biggest influences?

– The Beatles, Small Faces, Weller and The Jam, Elvis Costello, The Who. I’d like to come out with some real obscure ones but I can’t think of any that have really shaped our sound.

– What’s your biggest dream concerning The Everglows?

– We all like to dream that we’ll get signed and play stadiums and all that stuff. I think realistically for us we’d like to play some festivals,maybe release a cd or two and be true to ourselves that we have had a good go at making it in the music game.


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