Featured album /// Temples ‘Sun Structures’ 2014


Temples can easily be called a music phenomenon of today. The band formed only in 2012, but the buzz they immediately created was huge: the effect their psychedelic, music with dreamy motives and a distinct retro feel had on listeners was magical to say the least. After releasing several successful singles, Temples are striking with their highly anticipated debut album ‘Sun Structures’, so you’ll have enough hypnotic tunes to feast your ears on.

The renowned ‘Shelter Song’, which brought Temples recognition a while ago and opened them to the audiences, starts this debut album and captures listeners instantaneously with its inner strength dressed in transparent arrangements. Title track ‘Sun Structures’ falls into a very upbeat, almost dancy route with oriental motives mixed with rock guitars and ‘The Golden Throne’ combines smooth tenderness with steel power in equal proportions – the mix which is beautifully adorned with classical elements. ‘Move With The Season’ brings in melancholic notes, while mesmerising, sophisticated ‘Sand Dance’ transfers listeners to a music paradise with stunning instrumentation which is an absolute music masterpiece.

‘Sun Structures’ is the album that is better perceived on your own in complete solitude. Its magical nature, divine aura and unearthly sounds contribute to a very intimate, visual kind of listening. This album can’t stand any sort of distraction: to totally feel it, you must be one on one with it, allow yourself to drown in it. The album as magnetic as ‘Sun Structures’ can easily make your forget about everything, take you through time to the 60s with its retro feel collided with modern spirits and transfer you to a parallel universe for an ultimate music experience.

Temples have released a debut which can easily become one of the best records of 2014. They proved that their explosion with singles was in fact the calm before the storm and this captivating debut album crowned Temples’ unbelievable breakthrough.

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3 Responses to “Featured album /// Temples ‘Sun Structures’ 2014”
  1. antiqcool says:

    Good band…good review.

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