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Indian Summer

Shiny, charismatic indie pop from Indian Summer is beautiful and appealing, so it can well soundtrack your life and make it much better. Indian Summer’s own Nathan has answered some of Rock Britain’s questions, so you could get to know the band better.

– What’s the story behind Indian Summer’s formation?

– It’s a bit of a complicated one so I’ll give you the very basic version. Me and Ben have known each other since we were about 14 – we were both in bands in school and always had the occasional jam together. I was in a band with Tim and Sam during school but decided to leave when I was 18 to play bass in a band called Milk with Ben but after a while we both became frustrated and looked for a new drummer. As it happened Sam got in contact with me about getting our old band back together, so we decided to just join together with me moving back to guitar, and Tim playing bass. We had a few practices and it seemed a perfect fit so we decided to record an EP and here we are now.

 – What’s the most important thing for you in your music, your main focus?

– For me, and I hope this doesn’t sound completely selfish but I just want to create music that I like; I’ve written quite a few songs that other people seem to like and yet I hate and for me there is no real reward in that. From a musical point of view the instrumenation always comes first, melody second and lyrics third. If you’ve got a good guitar part then you’ve already got a good song and any melody that happens thereafter can only move the song to a different level. I never try and write anything to fit to a certain genre either, otherwise it runs the risk of sounding too contrived and I feel that if you just write what comes naturally people will always find ways to label it anyway so it’s best to just go with the flow.

– You’ve got an EP out. What were the main inspirations for the EP?

– I know for Ben it was Television (Tom Verlaine’s guitar playing in particular) and a healthy obsession with beats and rhythm, but for me it was bands like The Pixies, Warpaint, Joy Division, The Cribs and a desire to write something a tenth as good as Party Fears Two by The Associates, (something I don’t envisage anyone achieving ever, nevermind me).

– What makes your EP special?

– It’s free to download, written over 3 band practices and recorded in 3 different studios over 3 days, oh and did I mention, IT’S FREE.

– You’re about to bring your music to live environment. How are you planning to make your live shows memorable?

– Energy. I don’t want to start indulging in any silly gimmicks on stage as I believe it somewhat cheapens the music and that’s what it’s really all about: I want people to come for the music, not glow sticks and confetti. I think as long as you’re into it and give a passionate performance, that’s the main thing .Hopefully that translates to the audience and in turn they give same energy back and everyone goes away having had a great time.

 – What’s the band’s main philosophy?

– To make music that we enjoy and think is worth sharing with people. From a writing process never write any song off until every  one of us has had their say in its development; a song can sound terrible and then someone can spark it into life with a bit of inspiration and it can become brilliant in an instant.

– Where do you see Indian Summer in five years?

– Hopefully gracing the front of this lovely website, with a decent size fanbase and a guest appearance on soccer A.M under our belts.

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