Face to face with Violet Bones

Violet Bones

Violet Bones believe in hard work and making music with attitude. You understand that this band’s music is out of the ordinary the moment you hear it. This approach brought Violet Bones to the same stages with Cage The Elephant, New York Dolls, Tribes and Pulled Apart By Horses and also won them a great number of admirers. The band’s vocalist and guitarist Si Dartford chats to Rock Britain about their debut album, working at new material and other arts.

– How have things been with Violet Bones lately?

– We are all good, we have had our heads down since late last year writing and spending time in the studio working on Demos. Its been weird not touring as much but has been great being able to spend time working on new music.

– You’re working at some new material now, aren’t you? How is the new music shaping?

– It’s shaping up nicely so far, it has definitely matured and developed into something new and exciting, we all feel it’s the best music we have made yet. It’s the most honest we have ever written and over the years have learned a lot about song writing and production so we have been able to apply that knowledge to our music. It’s very exciting.

– Is there any difference between working at your music now and, say, a couple of years ago? What’s your approach to making music?

– The main difference is that we are all older and as you grow up your music tastes vary and expand so we don’t feel as limited as we once did. A few years ago we were quite slack at actively writing, now we are pushing all the time, gathering new ideas and we say if we feel it let’s go with it, regardless of the “vibe” it will still sound like Violet Bones.

– Your new song ‘Got Nobody’ is out. What were the main sources of inspiration for this song?

– ‘Got Nobody’ is kind of about obsession with what you don’t have because you can’t have it…..

– You released your debut album ‘Decline of Vaudeville’ in 2012. Now, looking back at it two years later, what role did it play in your career?

– ‘Decline’ was our first album and those songs dealt with a whole bunch of different subjects as the songs had been written over a few years. We learned a lot about the process of making a record and all the work that rides on the back of it. We got to go to Germany for a tour which was amazing, and toured the UK and made great fans and new friends. It gave us a good foundation to build on.

– You’ve played with the likes of Cage The Elephant and New York Dolls. How has that experience been for you?

– It’s always great when you get to play with bands that you look up to and respect, you learn a lot. You have to up your game if you want to be on that level with those guys. Playing with those bands and others always makes you strive to be at least as good as them.

– What’s the biggest attraction of Violet Bones’ live shows?

– I think what appeals to people about our live shows is that we are honest and personable, which I think our songs reflect. What you see is what you get. We hate the idea of “we are the band – you are the obeying audience”. We like it to feel like everyone in the room is involved with us. I don’t think many bands really lock into that idea at the moment.

– What other spheres of art are you most interested in? For you, how is the music side influenced by other arts?

– Films are a huge influence for me as a writer, they spark imagination and ideas that I may not usually have. If I’m not playing guitar I’ll be watching a film. Obviously music is a huge influence, what’s great is that all 4 of us have different influences so when we share a new band or song we are into with each other, you get something that you wouldn’t listen to normally.

– What are your main plans for 2014?

– This year we are trying to build up a good team of people that are into VB so we can keep pushing in the right direction – its just finding the people. Like I said before we are going to keep writing so we have as many songs as possible that we can potentially choose from for an album. And we will definitely be on tour again later this year.

– Where do you see Violet Bones in 5 years?

– This is always the hardest question! I don’t even know what ill have for lunch today. You gotta take rock n roll day by day.

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