Face to face with Kilto Take

Kilto Take

They are the band, whose music speaks louder than anything else and whose identity is so special that it needs no discussing whatsoever. They are Kilto Take. Penning truly and recognisably British indie rock sound, the outfit stand out bright and proud on their own. Kilto Take’s debut album ‘Resolute’ is a great showcase of the band’s talent and a truly enjoyable music experience. Vocalist and guitarist Jonathan Crosby chats to Rock Britain about all the things Kilto Take-wise.

– How have Kilto Take been recently?

– We are all very well thanks. We are currently rehearsing like crazy before our touring schedule kicks in – it is going to be a mix of key UK and European dates first, with a few festivals thrown in. We have also started working on new material which we are extremely excited about performing live and gauging audience reactions.

– Your debut album ‘Resolute’ is out. What is the most special thing about this record?

– The most special thing about this record is that people actually get it for what it is. We are not trying to break the mould, more celebrate it! This is our starting point, it gives us a great platform to innovate and progress from musically. ‘Resolute’ is (we’re told) one of those albums that gradually grows the more it is listened to and for us, that is pretty special… The bands we love the most hold that appeal and somehow it has unintentionally seeped out.

– Where do you expect this album to take Kilto Take in your career?

– To be honest we don’t look at it like that, we just love to create music we enjoy playing and listening to. We are extremely humbled to have a lovely group of fans scattered all over the globe who like what we do… that means the world to us – we would love to perform to them all, so I guess that would be the ambition… but for us, when it stops being fun, we will stop.

– With debut albums being very important, how did you approach making this record? What was your main focus while working at the album?

– Most of the songs on the album were written in the 2 weeks leading up to recording… it was kept very organic… there were no preconceived ideas as such, just threads we would jam to and vocalise over. For us, making music is about capturing a heightened moment in time… of course the recording element was when we would fine tune various aspects of our work.

– What is your all-time favourite debut album?

– I don’t think I can answer that… there are loads! It really depends on the mood you’re in. ‘Script of the Bridge’ by the Chameleons is amazing.

– What is it like – to experience a Kilto Take live show?

– We are a band that gives 100% every gig, playing each and everyone as if it is our last… and it is even better when we can feed off the crowd’s energy… the bigger the better!

– What is your favourite song to perform live?

– For me, it is ‘Atonement’. There is a shift in the song that comes into its own live… love it!

– Where do you draw main inspirations for your music from?

– We draw inspiration from all over. We grew up listening to, and loving, bands like The Cure, early U2, Radiohead, Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Chameleons, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Smiths, My Bloody Valentine, Bowie, Depeche Mode, Sonic Youth, Simple Minds… the list goes on and on. In my listening pile at the moment are Wild Beasts, O’ Children, The Horrors, The Kills, Bloc Party, Atoms For Peace, QOTSA , Interpol… There is possibly a little bit of everything in there to some degree, somewhere!

– What do you consider to be your main achievements as Kilto Take so far?

– Headlining the O2 Academy, Islington and the Cavern Club, Liverpool were special moments for us. There are lots of amazing moments we have shared together… but hearing our music being played on national radio for the first time is a buzz!

– How have you changed as a band since the day when Kilto Take started?

– Our music has definitely got darker, and more epic and mature as time has gone on. We are finally in a place where we feel comfortable, in terms of writing and performing. I think it takes a while to know where you need/want to move to, what feels right and where you are best placed to feed off each others creativity. We are in a happy place… for us anyway.

– What are your plans for 2014?

– To tour, write, tour and write some more. We will be heading over to Europe for the first time, which we are really excited about… just to get out on the road again is a buzz.

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