Musicians’ inspirations /// Ian Evans (The Relics)

The Relics

Rock Britain’s favourite musicians got a challenge from me: I asked them to share their stories about only one most favourite and inspirational album in their lives. Ian Evans from The Relics was one of the first ones to accept the challenge and here’s what he told me…

One of the albums by a British band to have an impact on my life would have to be the album “Living in the Past” by Jethro Tull. I was only 17 and working on a ship, which happened to be off the coast of South Georgia and The Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic. I’d first heard Jethro Tull only a week or so before getting to South Georgia when a shipmate of mine played “Songs From The Wood” while we were having a cheeky smoke in his cabin and was instantly hooked. Stoned or not, good music is good music!! Ha!! So anyway, when we got to South Georgia I asked if I could borrow the Living In The Past album so I could have a listen to it. Now if you don’t know anything about South Georgia it’s a little island with a few abandoned whaling stations and beautiful landscapes. We anchored in a little bay that used to service the disused whaling station of Gritvican and on my three-hour afternoon break I’d have a smoke, get in the little liberty boat that took us ashore and listen to “LITP” on my walkman while I explored this cold, snowy abandoned whaling station and the surrounding countryside of the island. I did this every afternoon for three days and I saw wildlife I never expected….. sea lions, deer, penguins, all manor of bird life….explored all the abandoned buildings (even opened an old crate with the date 1912 on it…. it was machinery parts) went into the factory where they used to cut up the whales…. all to the soundtrack of “Living in the past”. The best way I’ve ever heard of Jethro Tull being described is “If King Arthur had a rock band in Camelot…. they would of sounded like Jethro Tull” and once out of the man-made whaling station and into the rugged countryside, I could well of been back in medieval times listening to “King “Arthur’s” band as I explored!! Whenever I hear any of the songs on this album I always think back to those three days exploring South Georgia…. and when I got home I even called our new family dog “Tull”.

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