Face to face with IndianRedLopez


Ultimately DIY and incredibly talented, IndianRedLopez are a breath of fresh air on the UK scene. At the time the band are gearing up for the release of their sophomore album ‘Commit’ and the future looks very bright for the collective. The band talk to Rock Britain about their upcoming release and a lot of other things.

– You’re preparing for the release of your sophomore album ‘Commit’. What’s the story behind this album? What were the main sources of inspiration for it? 

– The album has been gradually pieced together over the past two years. We recorded in smokey kitchens, basement studios, spare rooms and a cottage by the banks of Loch Fyne. The record, both lyrically and musically, is fairly reflective of our own lives over that period. Since our last album, we’ve since added wives and sons and daughters to the Lopez clan, and have lost close friends and family along the way. Samplers, synths and other new pieces of equipment have influenced our writing process, and kept us hungry. Musically, the band’s taste varies from The Twilight Sad to Katy Perry, however, the bands that are most prevalent on the sound of the album are probably LCD Soundsystem, Mew, Phoenix, Twin Shadow, Song Of Return and Fleetwood Mac.

– What would you write on a poster advertising the album to music lovers?  

– IndianRedLopez:
The New Album
Deep Pop brewed in north east electronic casks.

– What kind of progression is ‘Commit’ from your debut album ‘Empty Your Lungs And Breathe’? 

– For the first record, most of the music came from playing together in a room and learning each others’ strengths and weaknesses.
On this occasion, we recorded as we wrote, with most of the arrangements being worked in the box predominantly. It was definitely more about the song rather than the players. We have progressed as musicians and editors, learning when less is more as well as when to bring in that 80’s hair metal backing vocal.

– While working at both records, what did you do similarly and what – differently?

– Throughout both records we have been very collaborative throughout the whole process; swapping instruments, changing each others lyrics and suggesting production ideas. On this album we were more aware of the recording process and how to get the sounds we wanted. Our good friend Alex produced this one with us, which allowed us to pass demo sessions back and forth, before finally going to the studio to do the live stuff. It definitely helped the songs to grow in a different way.

– How are you planning to make the tour in support of this album special?

– We held a pre-launch playback party at one of our favourite pubs where people could pre-order the album whilst listening to it over the bar stereo or in a silent disco type environment, listening via headphones whilst drinking a specially brewed ‘Commit’ beer.
We always have exciting visuals at our gigs which is something we strive to develop and make more interesting.
On this tour, our new friend Plum will be supporting us on most of the shows so there may be a wee collaboration going on…

– You’re part of the arts group 26 Collective. How do you like being part of this group? What’s the most exciting thing about being part of it?

– It’s nice to walk in to our rehearsal space and be surrounded with that creative air, and different people setting about different practices. I’m sure they must get sick of the noise we make! We’re lucky to work and be friends with so many talented people in and around the city scene. A scene that is becoming far more wide reaching. We are working together to make it worthwhile for people to travel beyond the central belt.

– How are you influenced by other arts, apart from music?

– Two of the band went to Art School and Mike, the singer, designs all our artwork. Many of our ideas come from books and cinematography, and even our band name originates from the film ‘Sleepers’. The visual arts is something that bleeds through into what music we create and the show we try and perform. We think the visual aspect of going to a show is as important as the sound and we endeavour to give people at our shows a feast for the eyeballs as well the ears!

– You’re a DIY band. What advice could you give to aspiring musicians who want to apply the DIY ethics successfully?

– Be prepared to let it consume you, and to put in a lot of work. Don’t pander to fashion and trends that come and go. The people who’ll stay connected to your music can see through that.

– What, do you think, makes IndianRedLopez stand out among other bands?   

– We don’t follow any particular scenes or trends and make the kind of music that we want to hear. We try to make music that a 21st century pop band should make.

– What’s the best thing about being in IndianRedLopez? 

– Going on tour together, and just being part of a gang. We’re all best friends so getting to create something from nothing is a reward in itself!

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