Face to face with Scary People


Bands with attitude do sound different and if you need some music excitement, welcome to the world of Scary People. Their debut EP ‘Smoke’ turned heads and it’s most likely the upcoming sophomore ‘Chicago!’ will do the same, but at a greater degree. Prepare to be blown away…

– In April you’re releasing your second EP ‘Chicago!’ What are the traits that make this EP special?

– We all agreed that we wanted the bar to be set a lot higher after releasing our debut EP ‘Smoke.’ We sat down and worked on making the most of things, like having 3 guitarists and lyrically portraying the experiences we’ve had. ‘Chicago!’ is an example of what can be achieved when you utilize every possible strength in a band.

– What was the process of working on this EP like? What were the most memorable moments of it?

– Scotty and I wrote & recorded Chicago!, and our previous EP ‘Smoke’, ourselves. We dedicated a week to recording ‘Chicago!’ and I guess the most memorable moment was when Scotty told me, after weeks and weeks of tinkering and mixing; “we need to record it again – the whole thing.” We did it in 2 days and that was that. We then wrote ‘Crush The Bug’ (4th track) a week before our deadline and added it to the EP because it happened to fit in perfectly.

– In what way is ‘Chicago!’ a progression from your debut EP ‘Smoke’?

– We’ve learned a lot looking back at ‘Smoke’. When a band first start out, they’re so eager to just get music out there that the whole process is rushed, and that is understandable. This time we’ve taken a lot more time refining the whole package and the difference it makes is night and day.

– What’s your main approach to making music? What’s the most important thing in your music for you?

– Our music isn’t particularly simplistic on record but our initial approach in writing music is. It’s usually Scotty and Myself with a few ideas (Chords, Riffs whatever) which we then take and arrange into a rock song, and for us balancing technicality over simplicity is paramount.

– What’s the biggest attraction of your live shows?

– Sonically, it’s massive. We work hard to back that statement. But seriously, 3 guitars and the hardest hitting rhythm section sounds like a nightmare on paper to anyone but it seems to works for us.

– Who are your main music influences and how exactly do they inspire you?

– Amongst the band, we all have surprisingly different music tastes but there are definitely bands, like NIN, QOTSA & White Denim to name a few, who have certainly inspired us musically, but are probably more influential with their angle on live performances. The live production these bands have is something that we pay a lot of attention to and it spurs ideas for our own shows. The music is only one side of it for us.

– During your career as Scary People, what have been the most memorable moments of the band life for you?

– I think our first EP release show in Dundee was a great moment because we’ve got a bunch of loyal fans back home and that night proved it. But I reckon sitting in Scotty’s room with Troy (Guitarist) putting in all the ground work like designing posters and making EPs, printing T-shirts, and even just passing ideas around, has been memorable. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into this next release and it’s exciting to see how people react to it – that’ll be the next memorable moment hopefully.

– What do you look for in new music? Have you got any new bands that have especially interested you recently?

– Well currently me and a few others in the band are really getting into bands like Temples, Pond, Unknown Mortal Orchestra. I guess it depends on what sort of day it is but I generally land on a new band due to their sound (which is usually not that radio friendly).

– What is your biggest goal concerning Scary People?

– To overstep the boundary of JUST making music. We take pride in covering all bases of our band; whether it’s merch or a video project – the outcome is much more rewarding having done it yourself and if our fan base are entertained and help us do it all again, mission complete.

– What does the rest of the year 2014 hold for you?

– Well the forthcoming EP will also be released alongside a filmed live version online, a few festivals this summer land just in time for our third and final EP. By the end of the year, you’ll be seeing all 3 EPs in one album with a bunch of new songs just in time for Christmas.

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