Getting to know /// The Poulsons


DIY, underground, bold and expressive, THE POULSONS will storm into your life to ruin it. After hearing them once your ears will be constantly demanding more of their unrestrained raw power and raging melodies. Clint Colbeck chats to Rock Britain.

– How did THE POULSONS form?

– A meeting of minds on the internet, guys like in the same kind of thing but want to do something different.

– What moment of your career do you consider to be the most important so far?

– Well we are currently talking to NUB COUNTRY records about a deal which we are very excited about.

– I love your sound when the instruments as if embrace the vocals. What’s the main philosophy of this sound of yours? How did you develop it?

– The sound was a bit of an experiment, we wanted to mix alternative rock and a new way of synth, but still wanted great guitar playing and catchy synth riffs. We also wanted a dark sound to the voice and also to include a punk style attitude and free spirit.

– Where do you draw inspirations for your music?

– The music is very much influenced by the environment we live in and the life and lives we lead. We try to paint a picture with the music we make, life can be tough and hard and we make music that reflects that kind of street wise vibe.

– Being based in Leeds, what kind of influence do your surroundings have on you?

– On a daily basis, you see drink drugs and poor housing in any big city, Leeds is no different, it’s what you absorb and pick up on and it does influence your songs.

– What is the most important thing in your live shows for you?

– The FIRE ‘N’ FEAR of course and absolute mayhem!

– How did you get into making music at all?

– Playing in high school bands and then pubs and clubs, playing covers and playing alternative and hard rock.

– What’s your all-time favourite album that never fails to inspire you? How did you discover it and what do you like most of all about it?

– ‘Use Your Illusion’ 1 and 2 GUNS ‘N’ ROSES, I never get sick of listening to it and like the way it goes from hard rock to ballads

– What are your expectations from the year 2014?

– To increase our fanbase and later in the year put out our second album.

– What’s your biggest ambition concerning THE POULSONS?

– Probably to get signed and get the music out to a wider audience. Thanks for your interest in THE POULSONS, check us out anytime.

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