Face to face with Ladykiller Caterpillar

Ladykiller Caterpillar
Ladykiller Caterpillar formed in 2013 and are already quite a name in their home town of Edinburgh. It’s absolutely no wonder as their music will definitely make your ears happy and pleased. The band’s vocalist and bassist Jake chats to Rock Britain about Ladykiller Caterpillar’s origins, their debut EP and favourite bands.
– What was the beginning of Ladykiller Caterpillar as a band?
– Neil and Jani worked together for ‘the man’ for a few years and Jani was constantly putting on gigs and playing with various people so Neil made a solemn vow to one day play with Jan.  Whilst Jan was playing with the Alibis (Edinburgh band), the drummer, Amy’s boyfriend appeared and was recently looking for a band so Neil called me as we had played together before and the stars aligned and we had two tracks by the end of the first practice.
– Before joining together for Ladykiller Caterpillar you played in other bands and have gained experience in music. How does this experience help you now?
– Our main mantra is, once a song is written, its written.  We stop tinkering and let the song play in rather than trying to change it constantly and improve it.  We let those small changes come through in the playing rather than forcing them in at the coal face.  One other thing we do a bit differently is only saying yes to gigs that we feel move us forward, bigger and better.  Sunday night support slots and basement bash ups are good but do they improve you as a band?  A high pressure gig in a big venue brings out the best in a Caterpillar.
– You’ve got your debut EP out. How did the EP shape from the scratch to the final version?
– Early on we gelled as a band so ideas that we had all been cooking at home before the Caterpillars were ready to roll.  It was a great experience to take a track that you have had in your head for a few weeks and give it to the band to tear apart and tinker with.  We had a set of about 12 tracks at the time and genuinely just picked the 5 we enjoyed playing the most.  There weren’t any re-writes or last minute panics, what you hear on the EP is how you’ll hear them live.  We went to Chambers studios in Edinburgh and the sound was so big that we thought we’d release it.
– What were the main inspirations for the EP?
– We’re a sum of all of our parts.  The vibes from Neil and I tend to be more classic rock with a twist of punk but Jani has a more eclectic taste.  Raymond has more of a punk and alternative background so that also brings another sound to the table. Once we put that all together we wanted to have a showcase of all of the styles that we’re capable of.
It would have been criminal not to showcase all of the vocal talents in the band, so although a bit unusual on a 5 track EP there is actually tracks led by the vocals of myself, Neil and Jani.  But ‘Eye of the Storm’ through ‘Something Special’ and onto ‘Threadbare’ shows that we aren’t a one trick band.
– As a debut EP, how does it represent Ladykiller Caterpillar as a band?
– In all honesty I think we’re focusing in on our sound more now with our newer tracks.  Certainly ‘Hey Mary’ and ‘Eye of the Storm’ are closest to that mark but we like to cast the net fairly wide stylistically so expect solid riff based rock music with twists of punk, ska, folk and blues.
– What does the songwriting process in the band look like?
– Beer and guitars/drums/bass.  Also shouting and swearing
– What’s the most unusual environment you’ve ever written a song in?
– I think Neil wrote a tune in the tropical diseases ward in the hospital.  I wrote the words to Hey Mary fly fishing near Lochcarron.
– What is the biggest attraction of your music?
– We keep things interesting through a track, no verse, chorus, verse, chorus here.  Also I feel like popular music owes us 20 years of guitar solos.  We’re addressing the balance.  Our debut EP features two 32 bar solos right in your ear holes.  If you want high energy rock music and delicate ballads, we can offer you that with a smile.
– What’s your approach to making your live shows memorable?
– There’s a real tangible change to all four of us on stage.  The shoulders drop, we can’t help but smile as we relax into the songs.  When you see a band that are genuinely enjoying themselves on stage, you can’t help but enjoy yourself too and we really love playing to a great crowd.  We also don’t take things too seriously and whilst we don’t make a show an embarrassing stand-up routine, we do engage with the crowd as much as possible.  Plus, if you fancy a pint after the gig, you’ve come to the right place.
– What is your earliest music memory?
– For me it would be my Dad singing ‘the sound of silence’ to put me to sleep
– What do you think of the contemporary music scene in the UK?
– There’s so much talent out there at the moment and its great to see some Scottish acts making it big.  I worry that the scene is dominated by the main music focal points; London, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham for the big touring bands.  The really exciting music for me is with the bands that will be playing to about 1000.  It’s brilliant to see that there is still an international desire for British music so I hope We and our kin can make something of that.
– Have you got any favourite new bands you’d like to single out?
The Winter Tradition
The Fire and I
The Xcerts
Biffy Clyro
Jen and the Gents
The Little Kicks
Quite a mixed bunch!
– How are you planning to make 2014 your year?
– Continue to write into our sound, release another little record later in the year and play some absolutely blow out shows.

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  1. Ladykiller Caterpillar! What a great name!

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