Musicians’ inspirations /// Michael Grice (City Reign)

City Reign live at The Deaf Institute

My favorite ever album is ‘The Last Broadcast’ by Doves, mainly for the fond memories of my teenage years it brings. I first discovered Doves when ‘There Goes The Fear’ was doing the rounds on MTV2. I fell in love with the cinematography of the videos for ‘There Goes The Fear’ and ‘Pounding’, a style that I used myself for our own videos ‘Making Plans’ and ‘Out In The Cold’ videos.

To me it’s the perfect album, in that it’s an album rather than a bunch of songs thrown together. The band have taken a long time to think about how to sequence the album and this is evident in the way ‘Intro’ flows into ‘Words’ and the same with ‘Where We’re Calling From’ and ‘N.Y’. The band’s albums have often been described as travelling music, and listening to ‘The Last Broadcast’ always takes me on an open journey. From the uplifting, life affirming introduction of ‘Words’ and ‘There Goes The Fear’ to the  gospel soul of ‘Satellites’, fist hammering of ‘Pounding’ and should have been anthem ‘Caught By The River’.

It’s also testament of the albums strength when two websites are named after two of the albums songs and



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