Face to face with Bird To Beast

Bird To Beast

Fresh-sounding, daring, psych-folk duo Bird To Beast comprising Hannah and Sam make music catchy and magical, charming and irresistible. Last year the duo released their self-titled debut album and are now continuing to conquer the UK scene with their breed of unique music. Hannah and Sam had a chat with Rock Britain about their new music, the town of Colne and music philosophy.

– Your new single ‘Elephant’ is available now. How was the song born? What were the main inspirations for it?

Sam: Like many songs ‘Elephant’ was born completely by accident.

Hannah: Sam decided he wanted to write a Buddy Holly-esque song and ‘Elephant’ was the end result.

Sam: Then in the studio Hannah started experimenting with ‘shoo-wopping’ and the mood was set!

– How does ‘Winter Snow’ complement ‘Elephant’?

Hannah: ‘Elephant’ and ‘Winter Snow’ are two completely different songs in mood but we felt they complemented each other well. ‘Elephant’ is upbeat and light-hearted whereas ‘Winter Snow’ is melancholic and sombre and shows a more serious side to our writing.

Sam: Alongside each other we felt they acted as a strong representation of our sound and a good introduction to what we’re all about.

– In 2013 you released your debut self-titled album. How has the reaction to it been since the release?

Sam: We have had some fantastic reviews from a number of UK blogs and sites, culminating in the Manchester Evening News declaring it the ‘best album of 2013’. We were very happy with this, as it’s great to get some recognition for all our hard work!

– How does your debut album represent Bird to Beast at the present stage in your career sound-wise?

Hannah: We feel the album is quite diverse in its ‘sound’. We wanted to mix up some huge epic sounding tracks with full band, strings and brass, alongside more stripped back tracks with just a voice and piano.

Sam: At the moment it seems fashionable to have a specific sound which is consistent in every track, but we don’t write like that.

Hannah: Sam has a tendency to write songs with individual styles and characteristics, and we’re always listening to really varied music, both old and new, absorbing new influences and making sure we’re always evolving and not standing still.
– You both grew up in the Lancashire town of Colne. How has the town influenced you as a people and musicians?

Hannah: Colne is a small town an hour’s drive from Manchester. It’s an old mill town with beautiful countryside surrounding it, and this has definitely influenced our music. I think it’s impossible not to be influenced by your surroundings.

Sam: Our song ‘Winter Snow’ for instance, is set in Colne, and lyrics like, “Here beneath the smoke stacks of cotton, brick and coal, I’m laughing with the factory girls and the grocery boys” paint a picture of life here and hopefully pull the listener into life in ‘our world’.

– How does the songwriting process in Bird To Beast work?

Hannah: The songwriting process begins with Sam coming up with bare bones of a song. Then I help develop it by adding counter melodies and structural ideas and lyrical concepts. Then we both decide on the instrumentation and the overall vibe.

– What’s Bird to Beast’s main philosophy in music?

Sam: I don’t think we have a conscious philosophy when it comes to the music we create. We’re just addicted to performing and are constantly inspired by other artists to continue writing, evolving and staying true to what we love.

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  1. Heard so much about this group, great interview

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