Face to face with Arcadia Verses

Arcadia Verses
Arcadia Verses are hard not to notice with their breed of life-asserting, full of fervour melodies. These talented guys draw inspirations from the likes of Bastille, The 1975, Deaf Havana and The Gaslight Anthem. Quite a cocktail, eh? The result – unique sound with soaring vocals and big melodies with a tint of posh sophistication. How is that possible? Let Arcadia Verses tell you.
– How did Arcadia Verses start?
– We first came together as a group of lads just jamming musical ideas for fun in Ben’s garage in Bolton last year. Over the months that followed the realisation that the music we were creating meant more to us than just a way to pass the time. Coupled with a desire to perform culminated in our first gig in December 2013, thus the Arcadia Verses was born.
– You’ve been around since 2013. Looking back at the day when you started, what way have you gone since then? What do you consider to be your major achievements so far?
– We’ve put a large emphasis on developing our songwriting. Band practise has been a large part of the process so far, many of our major achievements have just involved satisfying our own thirst to write songs that excite and move us. We have our first Manchester gig booked on the 27th of March as well as a sold out date in Glasgow with our friends in Yashin. We’ve recorded our first lot of demos with Dan Lancaster (Don Broco, Mallory Knox) down in his studio in London which was an amazing experience working with someone who had a hands on approach to producing the songs. We recorded our first music video with Sitcom Soldiers for ‘Build Your Art’.
– You state in your bio that Arcadia Verses’ music is for those who enjoy the likes of Deaf Havana, The 1975, Bastille and The Gaslight Anthem. With all these bands being so different, how do you blend all these influences in your music? How did you develop this kind of sound?
– The different influences bleed through in different parts of the intertwined music, vocals are in a different style to guitars, which again is different than drums.. this unique blend is what usually raises eyebrows. I’ve not heard anyone be able to accurately compare us to another band yet.
– Where do your draw inspirations for your music?
– From the people around us who inspire us. Our music is a metaphor for hope and striving to be better people so inspiration comes in many forms day to day.
– How do you usually go about your live shows? What’s the major priority for you in your live shows?
– Our live shows are about trying to get across what we’ve been crafting in the rehearsal room. We’re all very passionate so they’re about energy and getting lost in the songs with the people watching. Live response so far has been amazing and we’ve only played a handful of tiny gigs, so we only hope to build on that with the exciting dates we’ve got coming up.
– What’s the best live show you’ve ever been to?
– Early gigs for me personally like Oasis and 3 Colours Red when everything about live music was so new and exciting. More lately I’ve had the opportunity to see music played all over the world, Soundwave festival in Australia, Warped tour in California.
– How did you get into music at all? What is your earliest music memory?
– Holding my first guitar in Malaysia and head banging to Nirvana while simultaneously falling into the pool.
– If you were left on an uninhabited island with only 5 albums, which albums would you prefer them to be?
Moving Mountains – Waves
Number One Gun – Any Album
A Wilhelm Scream – Ruiner
Bon Iver – Bon Iver
Deaf Havana – Fools and Worthless Liars
– What’s your motto in music?
– Keeping playing no matter what. 🙂
– What are your plans for the nearest future?
– Just to keep writing, recording and getting out playing gigs.

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