Face to face with Abandcalledboy


Abandcalledboy are Irish, know how to combine noise and melody in good proportions and make you love them instantly. The band have recently released a 7-track, self-titled EP, so Rock Britain had a good reason to have a chat with Ryan about all the things Abandcalledboy-wise.

– Things have been pretty busy for Abandcalledboy recently: releasing your EP, going on tour around the UK. How have you been coming to grips with all the buzz?

– It’s been really exciting and we’re having fun on tour hearing what everyone thinks of the new EP and getting it out to new audiences. We’re meeting some cool people already and it’s great with so many people coming to check us out.

– With the EP out, how would you introduce it to your listeners?

– A big mixture of noise-rock, post-hardcore and power-pop. We’re big fans of 90s alt rock bands so you’ll hear loads of that; Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Therapy?, Sugar etc

– What qualities make this EP stand out among all the other releases out there?

– Production is what we feel makes it stand out, it manages to sound polished and raw at the same time. We’re very happy with how it sounds and I like how the end product still reflects the band as we are live. The EP was tracked mostly live then vocals and extra bits added in after. I spent a lot of time on the lyrical content as we tracked those last, so what wanted the lyrics to fit the songs perfectly.

– How did you like working with Niall Doran at the EP?

– Niall is a good friend of ours so the recording process was very laid back but still focused, we all worked very hard to experiment on different sounds even with limited time in the studio. Some recording sessions ended up running very long from around 10am to early hours the next morning. We’ll definitely be working again with Niall. He has a very strong work ethic but is still easy-going and that works well for us.

– Your favourite band Therapy liked your song ‘Cliff Richard’. How does it feel to be praised by your music influence?

– It’s amazing that they even took time to listen to it, Therapy? are a band a lot of Northern Irish bands would look up to so it’s great to have them liking something you’ve put out. I know those guys are big new music fans themselves, so they know good music when they hear it.

– How did you get into making music at all and what inspired you to start your own band?

– Boredom mostly and having a lack of anything else to do where we are from. We were inspired to start our own band after heading to a bunch of ‘all ages’ shows in NI with bands like Fighting With Wire, LaFaro and And So I Watch You From Afar. Those bands showed us that you could be from a small boring town in NI and still make great music and tour around the world playing it. That’s all we want to do really.

– Now looking back, what events do you consider to be the most important in your career so far?

– That’s a pretty hard one to call, we’ve had loads of great shows etc but I’d say the most important events would be when Mark joined and we all decided to start touring seriously as a band and spent loads of money on a van. That was a pretty big investment for us so we kind of have to tour a lot now!

– What’s the most unusual thing that’s ever inspired you for a song?

– This sounds a bit bizarre but it’s true, a lot of our song ideas and art ideas come from dreams we have. A few of our riffs in songs were things I woke up with in my head or dreamt about. So that’s pretty unusual I’d say.

– What is your biggest ambition concerning Abandcalledboy?

– To be able to constantly play in new towns across the world and to have people come out to see us and leave a lasting impression on them . Also, world domination would be great of course…

– What do you want to be remembered for as a band fifty years from now?

– I’ll be more than happy if people even remember us in 50 years, but if they do, I would hope they still see what we have to say as relevant to them in 50 years. Like songwriters like Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) are still relevant to us.

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