In their words /// Treacherous Dogs on ‘Maybelline’

Treacherous Dogs

Soaring and powerful, captivating and zealous, ‘Maybelline’ by Treacherous Dogs boasts edgy guitars and thunderbolt drums. Its energy is multiplied by emotional vocals and if you’re left indifferent after you’ve heard it once, hit ‘repeat’ as many times as it will take this song to get into your heart, though I firmly believe that the repeat button will be hit only for the sake of hearing this incredible song more and more. Lewis Parker of Treacherous Dogs tells Rock Britain about the birth of ‘Maybelline’.

The song was originally conceived in 2004 at a time when I was listening to a lot of Muse and System of a Down. As a result I formed a complex version of the guitar riff which would eventually become Maybelline.

It was only after the formation of Treacherous Dogs in 2013 that the riff resurfaced as I had the freedom to write outside of the traditional Indie paradigm which had limited me in our previous project. It took about 2 hours write the chord progressions and vocal melody with the lyrics following shortly afterwards.

I remember sitting in a cafe in South East London frantically trying to write lyrics for some of the songs that were already finished when I had the idea for the content and pretty much wrote 90% of it within 20 minutes.

The lyrics deal with the aftermath of a break-up with my then girlfriend and is a heart on the sleeve account which focuses on the emotional drama that we go through when we’re engrossed in a state of self-pity and apathy.

The last line “You and I” is repeated four times which hints at acceptance and optimism about the future.

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