Face to face with Glassbooks


The combination of gravelly vocals set against the background of lively, uplifting, edgy melodies makes Glassbooks stand out considerably: the band are not only talented, but also skillful in using this talent right.  Their sound is catchy and elaborate, sophisticated and danceable. March saw the band releasing their EP ‘Deluge’ which hooks you instantly. Glassbooks’ vocalist and guitarist David chats to Rock Britain about the EP, live shows attractions and the upcoming summer.

– How did Glassbooks get to form? What brought you together?

– When we started this, Adam and I just wanted to get out of the bedroom and get playing live. Darren and Stuart joined shortly after.

– In your opinion, what makes Glassbooks stand out among other bands?

– There are so many different bands within our genre that are doing really great things. We’re just different the same way any other band is, because we have our own influences that come out in our songwriting. We really like what we play and that’s what makes Glassbooks worthwhile for us. If other people like it too, that’s awesome.

– While making music, what’s the first and foremost thing for you?

– To challenge ourselves and to write music that we like.

– Your EP ‘Deluge’ is out. How would you introduce the EP to your audience?

– A blogger recently called the EP “over 20 minutes of excitement”. We like that description.

 – How did the recording of the EP go? Do you have any especially memorable stories which have to do with work at the album?

– Well, the extended part in the last song, Deluge, was basically improvised by us on the day. There’s also this time where I lost my pick. I couldn’t find it anywhere! Where did it go?

 – What are your most and least favourite things about working in the studio?

– The best thing about working in the studio is the collaboration with the producer. The worst thing is probably the fact that we have no cash. And studio time is expensive.

– What are the main attractions of your live performances?

– We put a lot of energy into our gigs. Also, the cheap alcohol.

 – Have you got a favourite album which you can call life-changing for you? If you have, how has it influenced you?

– It’s really hard to pin it down to one. All of them. All of the albums.

 – With the summer coming closer, what are you band’s plans for the summer?

– Gigging, starting with a show on the 28th of June with Wozniak at Opium, Edinburgh. We also want to release some new music by the end of the summer.

– What’s your biggest ambition concerning Glassbooks? 

– For now, we’re just enjoying writing and playing music. Though of course, everyone wants to make a living out if it.

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