Face to face with Soul Fire Saints

Soul Fire Saints

They’re raw, genuinely rock and will make your head go dizzy with the mighty riffs of their songs. Soul Fire Saints are yet a new name on the UK scene: having formed in 2012 from scratch the band, however, have gone a long and fruitful way since then. Soul Fire Saints’ vocalist Taylor talks to Rock Britain about the band formation, writing songs and shares the best motto for life.

– How did Soul Fire Saints form?

– Four of us (Taylor, Andy, Ol & Jow) had kept in touch since we left school (quite a few years ago). I knew Andy and Ol played guitar and Jow was by all accounts a great bass player. We often went out drinking and ended up talking about forming a band but none of us actually had the balls to take that first step or to do anything about it, that changed when we went to Prague for a Stag do and made a pact to book a rehearsal room when we got home. So we did, we were all dead nervous too but we knocked a few covers out, making do making do with a drum machine for the first few months until I was able to convince a friend of a friend, Lee, to join us on drums, he turned out to ok too..

– Looking back at the time when Soul Fire Saints started, what have been your biggest achievements so far? What way have you gone since the band’s beginnings?

– We’ve done a lot more than we could have hoped for, afterall we’ve only been gigging just over a year. In fact it’s only 2 years since our first ever rehearsal, and to say we only get to rehearse once a week for 3 hours, if that, things have happened so quickly in such a short space of time. I’d say our biggest moment to date has been playing a sold out gig at the O2 Academy in our home City of Sheffield, though we’re expecting to sell out our first big headline gig (@Plug) in Sheffield on Saturday 17th May – tickets are already flying out and we have some big things planned for the gig.

– What’s your main philosophy concerning Soul Fire Saints?

– We strive to be as creative as possible and enjoy ourselves whilst doing so. We’re starting to build a following and an identity things are getting quite exciting and it would be easy to get carried away now and i think branding and image are an important part of this, so we perhaps need to work a little more on these aspects when we have time. .

– While making music, what’s the main focus for you?

– Creating good solid Rock music. Musically we always try to do new things or be slightly different, throw in a few curveballs and just mix things up a little so people don’t get bored – we get bored very easily – the worst thing anyone could ever say about us is that we’re boring….

– What are your biggest sources of inspiration for your music?

– A plethora of bands and genres we listened to whilst we were growing up in the mid 90’s, poeticism, mental illness, ££. I have an over active imagination when it comes to lyrics, but there is generally no hidden code in the lyrics – some are concept based, others are quite abstract and some are from life experiences, they can and will mean different things to different people – including me at times, sometimes I just get an idea in my head and write, I have written full songs in 10 minutes before…have a listen and try and work them out for yourselves…

– Soul Fire Saints have released some music via Soundcloud. Are you planning an official release any time soon?

– Yes we are, we will definitely be releasing an LP next year and potentially our first physical/digital EP release anytime soon. We have a few other things in the pipeline too including our first music video which we had loads of fun making, it promises to be brilliant – so keep your eyes peeled.

– What do you set as the main goal concerning Soul Fire Saints?

– Being as successful as we possibly can; that way when we look back in a few years we can at least say we gave it our best shot; Whether it was good enough or not depends on how ambitious we are/we’re, I guess – and by that time it will probably be irrelevant, because we’ll be sat on our yachts in the Caribbean counting our money.

– What are your plans for the nearest future?

– We are supporting a Nirvana Tribute band at the O2 Academy at the end of the week which should be awesome. Shortly after that we head into the studio then headline Plug, Sheffield on Saturday 17th May which we literally can’t wait for!!
We’re booked in a few festivals for the summer and then we’re planning on having a break through Autumn and Winter to write more material towards our first LP.

– Have you got any motto that keeps you inspired and motivated in life?

– Yes. a/ Fuck ’em all. b/ If what you’re looking for isn’t out there, create it yourself c/ more is never enough d/ the others are all cliches.

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