Face to face with Winters Island

Winters Island

I love music which is beautiful and evocative – the one that stirs emotions and reverbs in every body cell. Winters Island make this kind of music. Moreover, they are the band who like doing things in their own – highly unique – way: they’ve released their debut album ‘Welcome To Winters Island’ in three three-song parts on January 1, February 1 and March 1 respectively and the musicians leave the same recognisable, unique mark on their music as well. Rock Britain had a chat with Andy Trimmer, so have a read and… welcome to Winters Island.

– It’s been some time since the release of the third part of your debut album ‘Welcome To Winters Island’. How have the response to the album been so far?

– We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response to the music we’ve released so far. It’s been nice, after a year of shutting ourselves away as a trio, to be able to show other people our tracks!

– You’ve chosen a very unusual way of releasing your album: nine tracks have been released in three parts in January, February and March. Why did you choose this release concept? On what basis did you divide the tracks in threes?

– We wanted people to have a chance to listen to each song properly and we felt that 3s were more digestible than 9s! We were trying to showcase the different sounds to our music so tried to give people a selection with each part. 

– What’s the main philosophy of ‘Welcome To Winters Island’?

– There’s a theme that we have built through the album about the years we’ve had but we really want people to find their own meaning in the songs and not be influenced by our story!

– With ‘Welcome To Winters Island’ being your debut album, what was your main focus, goal while working at it?
– We just wanted to write something that summed us and our experiences up; to find 9 tracks that represented us as a three as well as creating and introducing our sound.
– Your band’s name was inspired by the place where you had grown up. What role did those surroundings play in your shaping as a musician?

– A huge amount. We all started playing music together in our local Junior school and played all of our teenage gigs in the area. We have loads of fond memories and it really means a lot to us so we wanted to reflect that when with our name

– How has moving to London influenced you as musicians?

 – It’s amazing the amount of exposure you have to a huge range of talented musicians here. The standard is high and I think that has inspired us to keeping trying to push ourselves as musicians.

– Your music is notably beautiful. Have you got any particularly favourite atmosphere to write your music in?

– Thank you very much! I don’t think any of us are in much control of where we write as ideas tend to come to us at the strangest times! We have to write it down or record it as quickly as we can when we think of something; the three of us have hundreds of voice recordings on our phones to vouch for this!

– If you could work with absolutely any musician/band, who would you work with and why?

– Bon Ivor, Swedish House Mafia, Eric Clapton, Santana, Jimmy Eat World – all artists we grew up to.

– What’s your outlook on contemporary UK music?
– It’s a very strong music scene in terms of quality and it’s real a shame that there’s so many incredibly talented artists that nobody has heard of.
– With the summer approaching quickly, what does your ideal festival look like?

-Hot, diverse and with lots of people enjoying themselves.

– What are Winters Island’s plans for the nearest future?

– We’ve been busy lining up some gigs for the summer which we’re really excited about. Announcements will be made soon on the Facebook page.


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Photography by Chris Hedges

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