Concert stories /// White Lies @ Ray Just Arena / Moscow / 16.05.2014

WhiteLies 2014

What favourite band have a metal fan and a pop fan got in common? Quite a strange thing to do – to try and look for similarities in the tastes of such different parties, you might think. However, in the light of the band in question it can be not so weird after all. I’m talking about White Lies. Despite their music preferences, numerous fans declare their love for White Lies’ special talent: deep vocals and majestic melodies simply can’t fail to impress even the most picky music fans. On 16th May White Lies paid a visit to Moscow for a headline show and charmed the attendees of their gig at Ray Just Arena.

All is ready, it becomes pitch dark and out come White Lies. Without a slightest delay they roll up their sleeves to make the night memorable. Having opted for ‘To Lose My Life’ as the opener, the band have chosen much more than just a stunning track to start the gig. The lines ‘Let’s grow old together and die at the same time’ sung heartily back at White Lies sound like a confession, a promise to stay faithful to these musicians’ talent for days on end. The intimate bond between the band and their following is firmly established, so the gig a priori cannot be just an ordinary one.

When you go to see White Lies, you can trust them to arouse a hurricane of emotions in your heart. Upbeat, edgy ‘Mother Tongue’, ‘Goldmine’ get everyone jumping and moving; ‘The Power & The Glory’ sees the front row leaning on the barrier in a melancholic trance singing along quietly; ‘Streetlights’, ‘Bigger Than Us’ are magical sparks of tranquillity and ‘Unfinished Business’ sounds touching and intense particularly after a very heartfelt introduction to the song from Harry McVeigh:’Unfinished Business’ marked the beginning of the glorious path for White Lies, so it can’t but strike quite a few chords with the listeners.

Being the embodiment of their elevating, luxurious songs, White Lies are reserved and laid back, grateful and even  humble on the stage. What a quality for such a renowned band, eh? They get people relate to them – these guys without a gram of pretence, but with a great deal of charm, genuineness and talent make you feel alive with their music and put up a show full of intensity, beauty and sincere emotions! Their performance makes you feel part of a strongly united whole on the one hand, but on the other, White Lies make you look inside yourself and feel as if you were one-on-one with the music. When the gig is over and the audience leave in total awe, I realise that one can never be the same after such a show…

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